25 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 36/52 Marking my Path

  1. That looks so serene! When we traveled to Arizona way back when…for our honeymoon we visited Oak Creek Canyon in Sedona.. There are many cairns alongside the creek. At the time, I had never seen such a thing before. Of course, we built one to mark our existence there. 🙂

    1. Wow, what a great story! I love that you built a cairn to mark your path and existence there.

      It was serene just then. We had hiked down a pretty tricky trail to get to the beach. It was a single track trail thick with dense bush. At times I felt like I was on safari in the bush and in dire need of a machete to cut through the foliage. The last bit to get down to the beach was so steep I nearly sat down to go down on my bum, but I managed to get down using my feet. There was one guy and his dog at the base of the trail, but no one else.
      The sand was unsullied, and the only sounds were the wind, and surf. It was pretty great being there then.

      We found a road up and out which was easier than going up that trail would have been. 🙂

  2. Deborah, the water in the background and sky were gorgeous! The natural souvenir you left behind is colorful in an orange and creamy way. Made me think of the orange and vanilla flavorings in a “creamsicle.”🍨

    1. I loved the colors in the rocks I found laying the creek that was flowing into the sea; you can’t see it in this image. They were so different from those big boulders on the beach.

      I really wanted to put those five stones in my pocket and bring them home. In the end I left them there, and found one stone to bring home from another beach. I keep it in my car. 🙂

      1. Deborah! Guess what? My little car pockets, each have pebbles and small smooth stones in them! My grandies pick them up, play with them and somehow it is “our thing to do while we sit in the car.”
        I also have a bookcase, it once was a bathroom, arched wicker, shelving place to put towels, etc on when I had a home with a claw foot tub (no linen closet!). On this shelving unit, my grandies set 🐚 little shells, acorns and more pebbles and beach glass. Their little school pictures are displayed there. (I spray painted it a pine green to make it more outdoorsy since it is in my dining area not my bathroom in current place. 🙂) xo

  3. I love this in every way! I first discovered Cairn’s when we were in Maine and now I look for them wherever we go. I also found many in Nova Scotia when we were there two summers ago. I even made my own out of sea glass and blogged about it. Fabulous image.

    1. Thank you so much Debra! I love rocks, and Cairns too. I have depended on them on several occasions when on the trail, and I’ve made a few, added a rock to several, and am a bit of a rock collector. 🙂
      I sometimes wonder if there’s some ancient gene that pulls me to them.

      Sea glass! I love trail glass, and sea glass. I’m heading over to your blog to find that post.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment!

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