28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 30/52 Vanity

      1. Deborah, so happy to have you floating along. You’re very welcome.
        Yay! I finally am finished with packing up oldest daughter, Micah and Skyler’s things with their help, moving into a new “first home” which Daniel and she purchased. 🏡

    1. Oh, thank you so much for this comment and compliment Denise!

      How I did it. Monday is cleaning day and while putting things back on my bathroom sink vanity I saw the reflection of my Mermaid sculpture in the little make-up mirror and dropped everything, jumped over the vacuum cleaner, the quickly went to get my camera while the inspiration was hot! 🙂

      I used the macro 1:2 function of my old 28-105 at 105mm I wanted the reflection sharp and the rest of frame blurred. I clicked a few frames. I zoomed out with my feet a bit and change the angle to this clicked a couple more, and then uploaded the images to my computer.
      My little make-up mirror really does say ” I’m so Fancy”, but it was outside the circle of confusion and out of focus, so I cloned it out, then added a Text Layer , found a font very similar to it, typed it out then curved it to match the curve of the mirror like mine does.

      After that I wanted to make it more artsy so I added a vintage preset with a white border, then added 3 textures that I hope look like water or the sea in the background.

      That’s pretty much how I did it. 🙂

  1. I love that photo, Deborah. I love it when reflections show more than the actual object. I don’t recall ever seeing that effect in a mirror image. Nicely done!

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