Our resident Lizard

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This Lizard and one more live in our backyard.  I think they’re Western Fence Lizards and this one is a female because I’m not seeing bright blue at her throat or belly, but I’m not positive.  The coloring and scales match the description, but… I’m guessing; nothing else in my book even comes close to matching our backyard lizards.

They like to bask in the sun on the warm cement bricks of our garden borders and retaining wall.

This one came right up to the end of the border next to the sliding glass door the other day. Luckily I had my camera nearby.  We’ve named her Lizzy the Lizard.

Western Fence Lizard


Daughter came home with a bug on Wednesday, and #1 Grandson came down with it yesterday.  I’ve had a dull headache and no appetite all Thursday.  I fear I’m next! That could seriously wreck my photography plans this week-end. 😦  I’m hoping it’s just the change in the barometer (it dropped) affecting me and not the bug.  It’s been really gray, overcast, and a bit chilly.  There was rain in the forecast yesterday, but it never did rain.

I hope you all have a wonderful week-end, and stay healthy!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 300mm f/4 @8| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2017

more to come…




31 thoughts on “Our resident Lizard

  1. Hope you are fending off the bug! Sad your #1 grandson and daughter got it.
    I like Lizzy the lizard for the girl, have you named the boy? I may suggest Leonard as it is the name of one of those brainy, “nerdy” guys on “Big Bang Theory”! I am sure others may like to try and name him.

    1. I like Leonard for the boy if the other one is a male. I don’t know what it is. I hope to get a photo of them together one day. They keep to opposite sides of the yard most days.

      We’re all feeling much better thank you so much Robin!

      1. Oh, very good to hear you and your family are much better, Deborah. You never know they may be both the same sex and won’t want to hang out together. 😀

  2. In Southern Cal. we had a tiny lizzard living on our back wall:)
    The glow on the mountain below is so beautiful!
    And further down – for me, Memorial weekend went by in a flash. The week before and after we were taken up with out oldest daughter moving houses. We never had that chance when we lived in Southern Cal., so we were making up for lost time with this experience. What was not so great that our air conditioning of the car blew out (because of a leak) while it was 90+ degr. in Sacramento, and getting an estimate on repair that was way out of proportion! Even though hubs did all the negotiating, I was the one who was up in arm. Anyways, it took a lot of time, but it’s fixed for half the prize:)

    1. Thank you so much Judy! I wish there she and the other one could eat mosquitoes! Those will be out soon if not already out.

      I hope your knee heals soon! Mine is still tender, and I can’t kneel on it at all yet.

      I backed out of the Meet Up last night. I still am not feeling great. Woke up with a sore throat this morning too. So I’ll stay home and rest. Being sick in the summer bites! 😦

      I hope you’re going to be able to work in the garden or do something fun this week-end!

  3. ZERD! We had them in Georgia, here and there. Not here. Never seen a lizard in the wild here.
    This lizard of yours looks super happy, I must say. Nice warm spot 🙂

    1. Thank you Joey! I like to sit on that same corner and soak in sun for 10 minutes sans sunblock. Oh it feels so good on my skin, face, and bones so I totally “get” how much the reptiles must love it. 🙂

      1. Yes, even me, with my hatred of hot weather — I do enjoy those moments in the summer when I take my bones (joints, too) out to the porch to warm them through.

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