23 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 23/52

  1. This was a stunning photograph showing Mother Nature’s artwork! Such lovely lighting and I can see a few details which means a perfect long distance portrait shot, Deborah!

  2. I’ve only seen Mt. Shasta from I-5. I’m curious as to where you are relative to the mountain? I know, it’s “Wordless Wednesday” but you know I’d treat that as a suggestion…

    1. I was looking south east. The base of Mt. Shasta was about 25 miles south east of where I was. The Lake is called Lake Shastina if you want to look it up on the map.

      fyi- The map image was taken during the drought. What a difference it is now! The water comes up the levy just by the roads now.

      1. Wow – I think every time I’ve been to CA, there’s been a drought. I was at Yosemite in August 1977 and the falls were hardly more than a trickle. Thanks for the reply.

  3. If that photo was taken in Northern Ontario (which the mountains in the background confirm it wasn’t), I would say that the vegetation in the foreground is dusted with frost. That colour reminds me of late fall. It looks like you were on a lovely hike far from the crowds.

    1. This was the spot we’d chosen at the bottom of the hill. It was lovely despite slipping and hurting my knee. It’s still awfully tender and tiny bit swollen. 😦
      The brush was a silvery gray in color. The silver in it gives it that frosty blueish color I think.
      I’d like to get back here and camp out this summer.

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