Flowers and Knee Update

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While taking it easy and resting my knee from last Fridays fall while hiking I’ve been going through flower images from this Spring, and having a lot of fun photographing the bouquets my daughter and I received for our birthdays, and Mother’s Day.

I took one big blossom…I’m not sure what it is; a Dahlia? Anyway, I took it out in backyard and stuck it in my little Asters one afternoon and photographed it with my LensBaby Composer Pro and Soft Focus Optic.

Flower with LensBaby

I love this swirly blur!

My knee is still tender, and a little swollen, but the limp is nearly gone.  It’s time to go to the fabric store to find a knee patch for my hiking pants.  I haven’t had a knee patch since I was a girl, but I hate to give up a favorite pair of hiking pants for a little rip in the knee.

I also signed up for two online watercolor classes. I’m previewing the classes now so I can purchase any materials I don’t have but will need, and have a look at what I’ve taken on. I’m planning to do these during summer so will start them in June.  One class is on birds, and the other landscapes.

Big Baby Boy and his Dark Haired Beauty are coming home for the long week-end.  We’re going to have Baby Girl’s Birthday Dinner since we missed that this year because she and #1 Grandson were on vacation.  I’m pretty sure she’s chosen Mexican food, and we’re planning to BBQ on Monday. He-Man bought Tri-tip and burgers.

I’m off to get my photography, and art stuff put away and tidy up the retreat for Big Baby Boy, and Dark Haired Beauty then do the rest of the grocery shopping for the week-end.  I’ll be mostly offline over the week-end, but will catch up with you all next week!

I wish you all a wonderful, and safe week-end!

Nikon D810| LensBaby Composer Pro w/Soft Focus Optic @f/5.6| Hoodman Digital Film|PS CC 2017

More to come…

45 thoughts on “Flowers and Knee Update

  1. I am glad to hear your knee is on the mend. Good luck with your watercolor classes! By the way, I love the picture of the flower!

  2. Gorgeous flower and background :-). I hope your knee is continuing to get better. That is so exciting about your two watercolour classes! I’m looking forward to seeing more of your paintings.

  3. Wow, I have to check out my WordPress site more often (I keep forgetting to do this). I didn’t know you injured your knee during a fall and I hope you’re ok now (last time I saw you the knee was complaining but the fall is not good news). Was this during your Shasta adventure?
    Hope your daughter had a good bonding trip with Jaxon at Aulani!
    Like I said, your LensBaby is turning heads with the cool effects.
    Happy Memorial Day reunion with the family!

    1. Daughter and #1 GS had a blast at the Aulani. Both would like to go back, but she said she’d venture out to another hotel next time.

      Yes, I slipped on some loose soil and rocks coming down the trail/fire road while at Lake Shastina.

      Thank you for the lovely comment on the flowers. I love my LensBaby with flowers and I’m really pleased it’s working so well on the D810.

      Thanks Gordon!

  4. Have a wonderful family weekend and here’s hoping your knee continues to improve. I do so admire your decision to take water color classes. I tried it once and was a total failure. It takes artistic skill, and you definitely have that. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Judy!
      The landscape class might prove a bit over my head. There’s more sketching and drawing. That’s always my biggest hurdle.

      I hope you have a lovely week-end!

      P.S. I really liked your post today!

  5. I love this shot Deborah. I’m glad to hear your knee is healing. Well there are loads of fun patches to choose from these days. Have a beautiful weekend with your family. Hugs. ❤️️

  6. Lovely blurb, Deborah, and it sounds as though you have much to do that will bring you much joy. Have a blast and enjoy the cyber break. You know I’ll be gone when you get back, but I might see you on Instagram in the interim.


  7. That photo is beautiful, Deborah. The light appears to come from within, it’s so soft. The hole in the knee look seems to be a popular add-on to clothing, these days. Some people are paying extra for the thing you’re trying to hide behind a patch.

    1. Thank you so much Dan! I love my LensBaby with Soft Focus Optic for flower photography. I’m so happy you and others enjoy the images too.

      I never have understood the ripped jeans look since I prefer a tidier look myself. I’m hoping my patched knee comes off a little bit preppy. I may have to do both knees just for aesthetics and symmetry . 🙂

      1. I threw out a pair of torn jeans about a month ago. The following weekend there was a sale ad in the paper, featuring a pair of similarly torn jeans.

  8. Beautiful photos and great to read your update. Glad things are going well. What online watercolor classes are you doing?

    1. Thank you so much Jodi!
      Art Tutor was having a great sale so I grabbed two. One is with Joanne Boon Thomas. I just love her loose, expressive style. I hope I can learn to loosen up. 🙂 I’m doing Expressive Birds in Watercolor with her.

      The other Landscapes is with Rob Dudley.

  9. I love this shot. Spring flowers are so much fun 🙂 I’m glad the knee is mending. I hope you find a wonderful patch for your hiking pants. Have fun with visiting with your loves this weekend 🙂

  10. Hope your knee is well on the mend, Deborah, and that you’ll be hiking as good as ever soon. I found a blog belonging to Debi Riley, a watercolour artist, through one of your tweets. Her work is lovely. The funny thing is, one of my best friends studied fine art and is a very good watercolour artist – and her name is Debbie Reily. Same name but different spelling. Small world.

  11. I love to see what you do with that lens.
    I believe torn jeans are quite popular these days! Of course, selecting a cool patch could be fun as well. Sounds like a full weekend~ have a wonderful time!

    1. Can you imagine spending $200+ on a pair jean then ripping them? I’ve never done it. Any of my jeans that get to that point of being torn get moved out of regular rotation to my “paint & work clothes drawer” or pitched out.

      Hope you and Pete have a fun week-end!

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