Thursday Doors-St. George Coptic Orthodox Church

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Last week we had some Glorious weather. After the rain we’ve had to have such a sunny day and stay inside or in the backyard would have been nuts! I took #1 Grandson to the park to play, and because it was nearly Spring, and so warm, and sunny I decided it was the day to continue the tradition of a Spring visit to DQ for the ice cream of his choice. I did that with my son, and my daughter so I’d start with a new generation. It was time.

I took a different route to the nearest DQ and found this beauty. I started to pull over to take some photos for Thursday Doors, but the wail and screech from the car seat in the passenger seat from 4 yr old #1 Grandson about the delay in getting that promised Dairy Queen Chocolate Milk Shake; his choice was ear piercing and convincing enough for me to slowly drive by it vowing to, “be back!”. I had no idea this beautiful building was here!

Two days later after my Salon appointment sans #1 Grandson, I took a detour and went back.

St George Coptic Orthodox Church

I had the wrong lens with me. I needed an ultra wide angle. So, I added some canvas at the top to give the image a bit more room at the top.

For the History Buffs– The Churches website says:

They were founded in 1995.

“We are St. George and St. Joseph Coptic Orthodox Church of San José and Silicon Valley.  We’re a mid-size, tightly-knit church with a 2000-year history.  In fact, the Coptic Church is one of the oldest in the world.

  • We are Christian, so we follow the teachings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.
  • We are Orthodox, so we adhere to the faith represented in the early Church many centuries ago.
  • We are Coptic, which means that many of our traditions and practices are derived from our Church’s origin in Egypt.
  • We are a Church, which means we regularly partake in divinely-inspired services as a community.”~ 

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Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2017

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55 thoughts on “Thursday Doors-St. George Coptic Orthodox Church

  1. My father was Orthodox Christian and his church, outside of Pittsburgh was also St. George. They are building a new church, and it a similar look to this one. This is a beautiful photo and it looks like it was a gorgeous day. I love how we make these mental notes about doors we have to revisit.

    1. Thank you so much Dan!
      It was a beautiful day.

      How neat that they’re building a new church. That means you’ll have a new building with doors to photograph in the future! 🙂

      I have a list of doors I’d like to go back for and “re shoots” too. 🙂

  2. Maybe it’s just me but I woulda made the kid wait 😉
    Okay no, I probably wouldn’t have but hey, this one was worth going back for. It is a beauty.

  3. Deborah, I usually allow grandies occasional whines or bursts of tears. This probably felt like you were going to let him down.
    I liked the pretty patterns in the stone, I also enjoyed their faith statements. This wasa unique and beautiful place to capture for Thursday’s Doors!

    1. Morning Robin, You’re right he waited with anticipation for that trip to the new place for ice cream, and had some expectation in his mind so, when I tried to switch up the plan with an extra stop after leaving the park he went into melt down mode. 🙂 Fortunately, he’s not as bad as his mother was at this age in melt down mode. He can be reasoned with mostly, and comes around pretty fast. Phew! My daughter was awful in melt down mode!

      It’s one of the more striking buildings/churches I’ve seen in Campbell.

      Thank you so much for the comment! xx

      1. My one granddaughter who is in kindergarten gets overwhelmed and doesn’t cry but her putting her head in her coat or just closing her eyes tightly really pulls at my heart strings, Deborah. My drama queen, Marley, outgrew it after her Mom, my DIL had their last baby. She’s become a fantastic helper to her parents but also at my apartment, too.
        Yours will amaze you how he outgrows this habit and becomes his truly wonderful self! 🙂
        Thank you for the new form of sharing my murder post. I have never used it before.

  4. Wow, to find a Coptic church in California:) Beautiful entrance with that arch above it! Now, if you had not said anything I would not have known you had the “wrong lens” with you. Because I can’t seen anything wrong with your capture:):)

    1. It was such a neat and beautiful church I thought. I’m so glad you like it.

      Well there’s still stuff wrong with it en mon avis. There isn’t enough breathing room on either side either. I did take enough photos to stitch together a small pano and give the sides breathing room, but once I put together 3 frames there was a bit more work that I had anticipated. I’ll get back to it one day, and perhaps share how I fixed it. 🙂

      Thank you so much Jesh!

      1. Your are welcome, Deborah! About your photo … are you speaking another language here? Can’t figure out what you are trying to say:):)
        Have a great weekend!

  5. What a beautiful church, I am glad you went back! DQ is a great part of a tradition…I loved it when I was a kid and my kids love it too 😀

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I got out of my appointment earlier than I thought so I swung by to get some photos. Which was good as no one was about, and over the week-end there may have been people about.

  6. Beautiful church. I’ve driven down W Campbell Ave many times to downtown Campbell and never noticed this church. I’ll make a point of stopping by it next time I’m in that area. Thank for sharing.

    1. You won’t see it from W Campbell, it’s off Winchester on a side street. Google it you’ll find it!
      I’d never seen it before either.

      Thank you so much for the comment Donna! You’re local! That’s really neat.

  7. I must agree, icy treats are more important than doors 😛 But I love the ones I go back for. “Oh, I’ll get you!”
    These are no exception, definitely worth a trip back to get them.
    Really lovely building and great doors!

  8. Lovely post, Deborah. The arrow on the driveway outside the front door made me think of a drive thru for some reason. A drive thru church experience, confessional perhaps or a blessing. Body and blood to go… (Sorry, ignore me) 🙂

    1. 🙂 You have Lestrade on your mind too me thinks.

      I probably should have cloned that arrow out b/c. Distraction! But, then I’d have all those tree branch shadows to line up and oh what a headache that can be in post! So I left it in.

      1. Oh I’m glad you did because having admired the capture the arrow led my thoughts to an unusual place 🙂

  9. I can just imagine the ear-splitting noise, but it works, doesn’t it? 🙂 Glad you had that time with him and that you were able to get back and share with us. But I wouldn’t mine some ice cream, too. I’m amazed at how expensive DQ is these days, though!


    1. Thank you Janet!
      That wail was so high pitched! It was effective. 🙂

      I thought it was a bit pricey too. Nearly $8 for a small shake, and small soft serve cone. I think Baskin Robbins is the same though. I sure do miss Thrifty’s and their $0.10 single scoops! Did you have Thrifty’s out there?

      1. No Thrifty’s here. $8 for those two items?? It’s worse than I thought. I remember in high school when you could get fries at DQ for $.25 and also, if I recall correctly, a Peanut Buster Parfait. Now you have to mortgage your house for the latter. I never go to DQ and if we want ice cream, I get an entire half gallon at Aldi for about 1//3 of what you paid. But that doesn’t work for an outing and a grandson and most ice cream places are expensive these days, at least to me, although some of them have amazing ice cream!

        1. I only go to DQ to treat my kids in Spring. Coldstone is where I go for my Birthday ice cream, and when in Santa Cruz Marianne’s is the place I go for ice cream.
          All the prices have gone up. 😦
          Since I don’t go often to any of them it’s always special. 🙂

          1. That’s true. I spent $4.49 on a humongous cinnamon roll yesterday in lieu of a birthday cake. The thing was big enough for four people (or my husband and me twice each), but normally when I go to the bakery, I get a $3.50 loaf of whole wheat bread. Comparatively, there’s no comparison. 🙂 I’d be much more likely to buy a cinnamon roll sometimes if it were half the size and half the price. Just can’t pull the trigger on the $4.49. Says something about when I grew up and how I was raised, that’s for sure.

            1. When I was in grad school in Greeley, CO, there was a restaurant that had huge cinnamon rolls that they served hot and dripping with melted butter. They were divine…and at that age, I could eat an entire one without any effort. 🙂

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