Northern Mockingbird

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Look at that eye!  Really not liking me and my camera clicking away.  They are characters Northern Mockingbirds.

They mimic other birds. There’s one in my neighborhood that mimics a car alarm.  Really!

They’re fiercely  territorial.  I’ve witnessed a Northern Mockingbird dive-bombing a cat trying to nap in the sun more times than I care to count. The cat just flinched and went back to its nap. REALLY? Why didn’t the cat strike out and eat that bird? Cats eat birds! The Northern Mockingbird must have more power than a cat!

Northern Mockingbird

When this one grew tired of my clicking it flew away. Leaving me nothing to photograph. Sigh.  It’s a cunning bird for sure!

Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Professional Digital Film| PS CC 2017

More to come…

17 thoughts on “Northern Mockingbird

  1. This one has the “evil eye” of a voodoo god or goddess, Deborah. It strikes fear and an aura of forgetfulness into the minds of cats.
    I had to think of something clever to stand out from the really great comments before I arrived! 😀

    1. 🙂 Nor me either! I sure hope the one that sings on the telephone pole behind our house continues to leave Diva Dog alone.
      She has her paws full chasing the squirrels that tease her all day long.

  2. I like the blue sky and the green leaves, offering thoughts of higher temperatures but what really grabs me is the subject’s ability to fool me into thinking he/she is masking it’s eye from the sun by using it’s beak to create a shadow.

    1. Interesting and insightful thoughts Phil! The sun was going down and probably was blinding. I had my back to it, but the Mockingbird would have been facing it. It’s possible it’s masking the sun by creating a shadow! Clever if so!

      Regarding the blue sky and temperature…it was a rather warm day while the sun was up. Once it fell below the mountains it got cold fast! 🙂

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