Thursday Doors 40/52

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I can’t believe how fast this week has flown by! Thursday sort of snuck up on me so I’ve reached into my “walks around the neighborhood” files for this week’s Thursday Doors post.  Although, this particular neighborhood is the hilly one I stretch my legs in and a 10 minute drive from my “hood”.


I confess the beautiful brick work, and topiary caught my eye before the door did.


a look at the front of the house,


Writing this up my spell checker didn’t like the word “snuck”. It likes sneaked better, but I don’t say sneaked in this sense…so, I looked it up to see if I’ve been saying the past tense of sneak wrong my whole life.   Apparently, I’m not alone and a lot of people say snuck, but I’d be correct using the word sneaked.

I think I’ll just leave it as an irregular verb and say snuck, and ponder it awhile as I’m writing this in the wee hours of the morning without my brain stimulating cup-a-tea. 🙂

What do you say; sneaked, or snuck?

Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-120mm| Delkin Digital Film

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More to come…




25 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 40/52

  1. What a beautiful house, Deborah. I love the bee-hive shaped roof, too. Funny you should mention the word snuck. I was going to use that in my blog post yesterday and it seemed I should really say sneaked but I don’t use that word, so I changed the whole sentence, lol. I think I’m going to stick with snuck. I prefer the way it sounds.

  2. It’s annoying when spellcheck tries to correct things that you already know to be perfectly fine! “Snuck” is perfectly fine in my books.

    Anyway, that’s a very impressive house. Completely understand how the brickwork etc caught your eye before the door. I wonder what the inside of the house must be like…!

  3. Great door, Deborah, but maybe a bit too much brickwork overall for me. I liked it best in the first shot. As for “sneaked” or “snuck”, I’ve used both but as a grammar nazi, I prefer “sneaked.” 🙂


  4. Now that sure is an awful LOT of brick. Someone had a party after getting the contract to lay all of that brick for sure 🙂
    I usually say ‘snuck’ myself so you’re not alone. Language is constantly evolving regardless of the rules, and besides, usage trumps the rules until eventually the rules catch up and change.
    But I guess it’s all about personal preference: I have no problem using ‘snuck’ but I shudder every time someone uses ‘gift’ as a verb

  5. This is a very nice entrance, Deborah. I, too, like the brick work. I’m glad you snuck up on this, and ye, that’s the word I use. ‘Sneaked’ sounds sneaky. ‘Snuck’ sounds more like something a superhero would do 🙂

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