Thursday Doors 32/52 Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother’s House

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Daughter and I took #1 Grandson to Legoland California this week. We spent 3 days visiting the park. It was a first time visit for us, and we all really enjoyed it.

I didn’t get a door post scheduled before I left which means I’m late this week with my post, but I want to get my post out in the week thereof. 🙂

I hoped there would be an interesting door or two and there were!

What luck on the Fairy Land Cruise we spied Little Red Riding Hood knocking on Grandmother’s Door! Grandmother's House Door

When she got inside she noticed that Grandmother had changed since her last visit! But, my oh my Grandmother, what BIG CUPBOARD doors you have! 🙂

Grandmother's House Legoland California

I don’t know how many Lego bricks it took to make Little Red Riding Hood, or the Big Bad Wolf, and a few other pieces in this set, but it and the other builds are incredible!

I have more doors, but will save them for another post.

If you’d like to see other doors posted this week click here. That link will take you over our Thursday Doors host Norm Frampton’s Thursday  Door page.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-120mm f/4 VR -rental lens| Delkin Digital Film

I’m really, really behind with emails and reading posts. I’ll be catching up this week!

More to come…

19 thoughts on “Thursday Doors 32/52 Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandmother’s House

      1. We went there a couple of years ago – loved every minute of the visit (that was me and my husband as well as our son!!). We have Legoland here in the UK too but I don’t think it’s a patch on what you guys have!! I would definitely go back as well….

    1. Thank you so much for the Bonus Points Melissa! 🙂 It’s a lot of fun for kids, and adults. I was surprised that I would like it so well.
      #1 Grandson had a blast playing with Lego’s in all the little parks, and areas they had for free play.

        1. It’s pretty cool! Legoland is brilliant in that they set up play stations at popular rides so the kids could play and build while the parents/other family members waited in the queues. BRILLIANT! A 50 minute wait went by too fast, and our little man loathed leaving the play area to get on the ride!
          There’s one in FL too.

  1. Legoland, lucky you! Past my childhood days so never saw it either. Cool door, was the door constructed of legos too? Its great to see the magic through children’s eyes so you must be enjoying the your grandson’s joy!

    1. Thanks Gordon! There were plenty of adults sans enfants there too. The exhibits are pretty great.

      No, I don’t think the door was made with lego bricks, just the flowers, Little Red, and the Big Bad Wolf, and the book he was reading.

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