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I went with a group of friends to Central Valley Sunday to photograph Sunflowers which are at peak right now.  The fields of yellow are quite beautiful.


The flowers were facing east…anticipating the sunrise perhaps. They were back-lit so, I used my flash to open up the shadows, and keep the sky blue.

These don’t look like they’re the type of Sunflower that produces seeds, and they’re not very tall. Perhaps this crop is used to make cooking oil or feed crop? I’m just guessing though.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 24-70mm| SB600| Delkin Digital Film

More to come…




  1. Great! I love your post

  2. there is just something about sunflowers!!

  3. What a beautiful photo Deborah! I love sunflowers 😀

  4. A field full of sunflowers would be spectacular!

  5. Sunflowers are so pretty. This is great photo , Deborah.

    • Thank you so much Dan! They certainly are cheery.

      I was surprised to find them facing east. I guess not all sunflowers follow the sun. ?

  6. Beautiful flowers. I love sunflowers. They’re so happy.

  7. Wow !!
    Have a look on my travel blog which i published recently and do like,comment if worth .

  8. A gorgeous picture! I wish I could see those fields!

  9. The front flower almost seems to have a heart in the center! Lovely ❤

  10. Beautiful shot, sunflowers just say summer!

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