Shaking out the Bedding

I spent the morning in San Francisco walking around North Beach and spent some time trying to photograph decisive moments and “street photography”. Something I’m not really practiced with.  It was fun, and challenging.

Shaking out the bedding

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015 & Silver Efex Pro

More to come…

20 thoughts on “Shaking out the Bedding

        1. You’re welcome! 😉 well the letters are too close together… But shit or shot, I like the pic. 😉

          1. ROFL!! Tell me about it! Just ask my best friends how many typos I make sending text messages. If I’m not wearing my reading glasses I really mess up text messages.

            I was meeting friends early one morning to do some birding, and on a group txt one asked me where I was. I replied, ” I’m at the F*^&! Pond.” Instead of Duck Pond! When they met up with me and showed me my reply we all were tears laughing. They knew I wasn’t wearing my reading glasses when I replied. I didn’t realize it until they showed me the text. 🙂

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