Autumn Leaves II

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My Flowering Plum Tree in Autumn…

Autumn Leaves II

Time is moving so fast. #1 Grandson is eating with a spoon and isn’t as messy as I thought he’d be, and he’s talking up a blue streak and knows more words, and is articulating sentences and thoughts I had no idea he was able to understand. He’s planning for, and stratagising for Christmas at 2yrs 10 months while I’m still trying to compose a good macro image of leaves in Autumn! Perhaps I should give him my camera.

I’ll give you an example of how clued in he is. His mom had her lips done at my Doctors office a couple of weeks back, but I was talking to #1 Grandson about the importance of going to the Doctor for Health, not just being sick.  I said, ” We go to the Doctor for check ups to make sure we’re growing big and strong, and we get shots to prevent sickness and infections.” He added,” And, to get big lips.”  WE HAD NO IDEA HE WAS AWARE!  We are now!

My Flowering Plum Tree in Autumn. It’s dropping leaves as fast as #1 Grandson is learning, and the Squirrels are trying to break my Squirrel Free Bird Feeder.

I love the veins, and colors of these leaves right now. We don’t have many trees that turn red in Autumn in California. It’s a treat to actually own one!

Nikon 105mm Micro| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| CS6| Nikon Df

More to come…

14 thoughts on “Autumn Leaves II

  1. That is hilarious! I’m going to chuckle all day.
    I like the color and veins in these leaves as well. I know what you mean~I’ve tried and failed to compose leaves for a painting. This photo is lovely, though.

    1. I laughing so hard I couldn’t type to txt his Mom what he had said for several minutes. I still chuckle when I remember his voice and how serious he was saying it.

      Thank you Melissa! I haven’t really tackled several leaves in any detail while using pencil, or watercolors. Seems easier with my camera by far! 🙂 A single leaf in those mediums is less daunting to me.

      1. I hear that! What I’ve found to be effective is to use really loose handling on most of the leaves, and gradually increase detail, reserving the most detail for the focal point. Can’t wait to see what you do! 🙂

  2. I love plum trees :-). The leaves look beautiful in your photograph – the two tones, the sunshine, the veins. LOL, thanks so much for sharing your Grandson’s observation about doctors and bigger lips! Like Dan, I wonder why he thinks leaves change colors in the fall.

  3. I love the color combo of those leaves…autumn here in NJ is the perfect place to get those gorgeous colors! 🙂 Happy Halloween Deb!! 🙂

    1. I have a friend who lives in NJ who keeps telling me the same thing! Those North East States are the only ones left on my list besides Alaska to explore. I hope to get out there one day. Happy Halloween to you too Linda! Hope it’s fun!

  4. That’s a great photo. It only takes one tree (and an artist behind the lens) to create a memory. If you want to know why leaves change color, I suggest that you ask your grandson 🙂

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