This and That

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Here are some of the images I made during October.

Welcome Friends- I really like the Calligraphy phrases on the Pumpkins.

Halloween Decorations

the Sun cresting the mountains over Mono Lake’s marshland and Tufas.

Daybreak over Mono Lake on a Fall Morning

a creek in the Eastern Sierras

Fall Color in the Eastern Sierras

an Amber bead on the trunk of my Flowering Plum tree

Amber Bead

and some images from around the neighborhood last night-

99% Spirit Local

THe Graveyard

The Greeters



and Me- a rare iPhone Selfie


Nikon Df| CS6 and iphone 5

More to come…

23 thoughts on “This and That

    1. Thank you Cybele! That was the test run on the Sugar Skull Phantom make-up. I ended up doing a slightly different look on Halloween, but the kids, young and old liked it. I got all kinds of reactions- the little kids a bit scared, the bigger kids, not so sure, and the adults loved it. 🙂 Made my night of passing out candy, and hanging out with #1 Grandson Trick or Treating a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you so much Melissa! It was fun to do, and made Halloween a bit more fun.
      #1 Grandson Trick or Treated at one house and the little girl passing out candy with her Mom was invited by #1 Grandson umpteenth times to “look at Grandma’s face!”. He actually sat down on their doorstep, and asked her to look at my face over and over again. He liked it, and wanted to share. They gave him extra candy and thought he was adorable. I confess I think so too. But, honestly, I think he was smitten with the little blonde girl giving out candy! 🙂

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