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I rose this morning at 2:40am to be on time to meet with a group of Photographers at 5:00am in Marin County to photograph the Sunrise over San Francisco Bay, and Golden Gate Bridge. We hoped for fog on the deck of the Golden Gate Bridge, but it looked like there wouldn’t be any fog rolling into the city when we met, but as we waited for others in the group to arrive the fog began to creep in.

Once the group assembled we drove over to Battery Spencer in the Marin Headlands to shoot. Then several of us broke off from the group to move higher. We drove up to Hawk Hill and photographed the rest of Blue Hour, Dawn, and the Sunrise from there.

Golden Gate Sunrise_4310

The fog never did make it to the bridge, but the colors, and light of the sunrise this morning was glorious. Well worth the O’Dark Thirty wake up call.

Nikon Df| AF-S Nikkor 20mm f/1.8@f/11 | 0.3s| ISO 100| Singh Ray 2 stop REV Grad| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| CS6| Tripod

More to come…



  1. Excellent photo, and like you said, well worth the very early start!!

  2. Stunning indeed. I captured my first sunrise in Gold Coast, Australia few weeks back; I normally did Sunsets before.

    • Thank you so much Alok! Did I miss that post of your sunrise? I’ll have to go look for it if so. Sunrises are just as magical as sunsets. I hope you have a chance to do more.

      • I have not posted on that yet…i am yet to write on my experiences from Australia 🙂

  3. most definitely worth it!! Extremely beautiful morning!!

  4. Great effect, and beautiful results!

  5. Wow this is just amazing! I put it on twitter and facebook! Gorgeous!

  6. Glorious indeed!

  7. Wow! This proves that you really have to work to get the great photos. This is beautiful Deborah. Thanks for the effort and for sharing the results.

    • Thank you so much Dan! I’ve always believed that those folks who are the great image prosucers are superb photographers. Awesome images are photographed whether one lives in the city or county. That has proved true time and time again. I hope and pray I’m able to live somewhere that I’m able to find numerous compositions to photograph morning and evening, and they’re not only magical and beautiful to me but to others as well.

  8. Beautiful; certainly worth the early rise!

  9. That’s the best sunrise I’ve seen over SF in a long, long, long, loooooooooooooong time!

    • Thank you so much Geo! Sunsets have marvelous here lately, and there have been a few really nice sunrises too.

  10. Gorgeous capture!

  11. That is a stunning photograph, well worth the early rise 😊

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