P52 28/52 No Boil Spaghetti

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I wanted to make #1 Grandson spaghetti because he asked me for it, but thinking about it I wasn’t really comfortable using a whole stockpot of water to boil the pasta then dump the water down the drain. Since I live in CA and we’ve got mandatory water restrictions in place it just seemed wasteful to me.  I couldn’t think of anything else to do with the used water.

But,  I thought, ” I’ve tried a No Boil Lasagna recipe and liked it, so why not try Spaghetti too?”

I dug out my crock-pot which is my favorite method for making sauce and crumbled in some leftover meatloaf, poured in 2 jars of my favorite sauce, doctored it up with some Italian herbs, and a half cup of so of water, and set the crock-pot on low to cook all afternoon.  40 minutes before the sauce was done I added a pound of raw spaghetti broken in half to the crock-pot along with another jar of my favorite sauce and enough water to clean out the jar. Stirred in the pasta so it was well coated  in the sauce, replaced the lid and let it cook for 40 minutes more.

No Boil Spaghetti

It’s delicious! The sauce is super thick, and the pasta was cooked through.  He-Man, and #1 Grandson loved it. Both had seconds!

I had some for lunch today and as you  would hope it’s even better today.

I’m glad that worked out, and I saved some water too.

Nikon Df| AF-D Nikkor 105mm| Hand-held| Hoodman STEEL Ultra High Speed Digital Film| CS6

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Baked Smores

I made #1 Grandson his first smore- I baked it in the toaster oven rather than a campfire. He loved it too, and was a right mess after eating the whole thang! . 🙂

More to come…

25 thoughts on “P52 28/52 No Boil Spaghetti

  1. Number one Grandson is a lucky guy and by your example you are teaching him – and all of us – an environmental ethic. You are making me hungry as it is almost dinner time here.

    A spoonful of organic chocolate (and a little Bailey’s) goes into my coffee several times a week.

    1. I almost always make my sauce in the crock-pot, now I’ll be tossing in the pasta too.
      Aren’t there gluten free pasta/spaghetti recipes out there that are just a yummy? Or is the Smore that’s killin ya? 🙂 I’m sorry!

          1. My body doesn’t like sweeteners either. I’m on a really restricted diet – it’s pretty much the Paleo diet. One thing I do though when I really must have chocolate is I take 1 T each of organic coconut oil and organic honey and mix 1/8 c of organic cacao powder. Add a splash of pure vanilla and a dash of sea salt and stir. It really is heaven.

            1. You’re probably still a young woman. I can give you hope. I don’t crave chocolate anymore. Post menopause here and so THANKFUL that part of my life is over! I still crave sweets now and then, but not very much or often. I can live without chocolate now. I’m glad there are alternatives for people who are gluten free though because I know how strong that craving is!
              Been there done that! 🙂 xx

            2. I can appreciate that! Me too. Thankfully now I can go months without chocolate.

              Organic Cocoa is a wonderful option. When I’m craving chocolate I put some Ghiradelli, Starbucks, or Dutch cocoa in my morning oatmeal or cream of wheat. A tablespoon does the trick. I add it for a few days and I’m done.

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