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Nikon Df| AF-d Nikkon 85mm f/1.4@ f.5.6|ISO 200| SB910 camera right at 1/4 power

I’m trying to keep things as normal as possible to keep myself from collapsing. My Mother in Law died suddenly on the 15th in the wee hours of the morning.  He-Man and my son flew back to PA. this morning. I’m at home taking care of # 1 Grandson while Daughter has to return to work. This loss will be hardest on my daughter.MIL and Daughter had a bond…one I wish I had with my daughter. They talked about everything, and trust and “got” each other.  This is the first loss of this magnitude my children have experienced. It’s really hard.

Allan is daughter’s BFF- guy friend. He’s fabulous. Daughter and he have been friends for years. #1 Grandson loves him, and I’m so grateful he’s here when she needs him most.  He’s a keeper…not just a “fair weather friend”. I’m so grateful Daughter has him now and I hope forever.

The next few weeks will be hard on us. I know we will soldier on, but  I could really use your prayers, and positive thoughts right now.

More to come…



  1. Sorry about your MIL. I lost my MIL 37 years ago but still think of her. She and my wife were very close. My own mother died 20 years ago and my kids remember this grandmother but not my MIL. They were too young.

    • Thank you so much! Like you I know we’ll think of my MIL all the time.

      My own Grandparents died before I was born or when I was an infant. I don’t know what it’s like to have Grandparents!
      I’m so grateful that my in-laws were involved in my children’s lives, and loved them deeply through their lives.

  2. many prayers and blessings your way Deborah. I’m very sorry!

  3. Deepest sympathy. My thoughts are with you and family.

  4. I am very sorry for your loss. It sounds like your mother in law was well loved. I wish you, your family and friends courage and supportiveness. The photograph is lovely :-).

  5. So sorry to hear about your mother-in-law – will be praying for your family.

  6. prayers and thoughts winging their way to you. So sorry for your loss.

  7. I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers Deborah. Sudden losses can be very upsetting. I hope you can all help each other through this time.

    • Thank you Dan! It was very shocking. We’re doing okay. I’m sure there will good days and bad ones.

  8. Deborah, I am so sorry for your loss!!

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