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Goldfinch Male
Goldfinch Male

Last Friday, while sweeping the patio, and doing some general tidying up in the backyard I switched the seeds in the bird feeder because the mix I had in it wasn’t attracting any birds. I refilled the feeder with black sunflower seeds, and yesterday quite a few House Finches returned, and there was one Goldfinch Male that landed on the perch, but was quickly chased away by the male House Finches. I grabbed my camera hoping he’d make another appearance, but sadly he did not. That visit prompted me to revisit some images I took in early May 2014 of several Goldfinches.

This one pictured above looked at me then puffed himself all up, and gave me the best pose of the morning. I think he’s as handsome as he does. 🙂

I sure hope that Goldfinch comes back and brings some friends with him.

Nikon D300s| AF-S Nikkor 300mm f4| AF-S Nikkor 14eII TC| Tripod

More to come…

5 thoughts on “The Poser

  1. At first when I looked at your puffed up fellow I thought he must be cold…it may be my thoughts are colored by the single digits, snow and ice we are currently enjoying here. Brrrrrr.
    I’ve heard good things about black sunflower seeds. Hopefully your goldfinches will be back! 🙂

    1. I can’t imagine living in single digit cold! I’m freezing and wearing layers in the house with highs in the mid 60’s with lows in the 30’s. It’s kept in the house rather than go out for a morning hike/walk.

      The Goldfinch didn’t come back yesterday. 😦 I hope it’s out rounding up friends so they can compete with the House Finches.

      1. I hope so. I think. Finch Gang War! 🙂
        The cold is keeping me indoors too, and I really need a walk. We are told that our area is ground zero for this year’s flu, so I’m kinda hiding out from that, too.

        1. LOL! Finch Gang War! The House Finches are feisty so the Goldfinches better come prepared.

          I haven’t got my flu shot for this flu season, and now I’m reading they didn’t predict which strain would hit us right, and we’ve got a bad one going around. 😦 I fear the grocery store the most for catching bugs, and flues! Stay healthy my friend! xx

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