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Copyright © 2014 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Black Turnstone

This little bird is a first sighting for me. I think it’s a Black Turnstone which is in the Sandpiper family.
This one and several others were feeding on the rocks near the shore while some Oyster Catchers were preening or trying to nap.

Oyster Catcher

I always try to focus in on a small detail here and there while out shooting and yesterday the fallen feathers laying on the sand caught my eye~

Fallen Feather

It was a great morning to be on the coast birding.

More to come…

Taken September 13, 2014 in Carmel, CA- Nikon D700| AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4 + Nikkor 14eII Teleconverter



  1. Like you, I love the small details. Love sharing your morning walk 🙂

  2. Excellent blog images, Deborah. Both the exposure and clarity are exceptional in these images.

  3. The Black Turnstone is pretty cool looking – great photo!

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