Agapanthus Abstract

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Agapantha AbstractThe Agapanthus are in full bloom at my house. It’s one of a short list of flowers that I can grow…

er…if I’m honest they do well without much attention.  I’ve been playing with blurs for a couple of weeks and these tall stalks lend themselves well to this type of blur.

I’ve been toying with the idea of adding a Lens Baby Composer Pro to my kit to use when photographing flowers, and expand my creativity, or open it up! Do any of you have one? If so, did you buy the kit? Do you have a favorite optic you use with it? Any advice or tips regarding the Lens Baby Composer Pro?

Nikon D700| AF-D Nikkor 105mm micro lens| Circular Polarizer| Hand-held

6 thoughts on “Agapanthus Abstract

  1. Hi Deborah; Good blur effect, I have the lensbaby composer and definitely like the results I get from it, I didn’t get any other of the optics with it, I’m definitely one who likes at least some sharp area pf the image (of course dependent of what is being shot) It is by no means the most used lens in the bag but when your after a dreamy effect there is no substitute.

    1. Thank you so much Harold! I also like some images with a sharp focal point, and other times like this image not at all. So, having both options would be ideal.
      As I say I’m toying with the idea. Wondering if I’m doing pretty what the Composer does with my macro lens, extension tubes, ICM, and software filter presets?

      1. Hi Deborah;
        I’ve never tried it your way but with the lensbaby you are choosing what you want to do ahead of time as opposed to filters etc. in post production. I know with some software like onone’s you can pretty much do the same with any image. I don’t think it is really duplicating it just blurring the focus where you want it. I would suggest going to lensbaby’s website and having a look around there.

  2. I love my Lens Baby. I use the Macro kit with mine, usually combined with the Soft Focus optic. I love the Soft Focus, and I’m not sure what I have done with the original optic for my LB, the Soft Focus never comes off, I just add the Macro Kit to the Soft Focus.

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