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ZajacWhen I got married way back in the early 80’s my name changed to Zajac. It’s Polish and means White Rabbit, or Little Rabbit depending on which Eastern European you’re talking to. 🙂 I’ve named our house Rabbit Hollow. In Polish my last name is pronounced Zi-onsh.
I’ve never really felt the name is me, but He-Man, and my children are Zajac’s, and  I’m honored to be bonded with them for the rest of my life. I’ve often wondered if other married women feel this way? You know, my daughter will always be a Zajac to me no matter what.

I took this photo last week-end while out birding looking for Cedar Waxwings. It’s thought this rabbit was a pet set free. People have been seen feeding it I’m told.

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 300mm f/4



  1. I’m totally confused Wayne, but I do like the meaning of your last name. Names and their meanings, and how they came to be are interesting. Many stories to be told with each too. Thank you for sharing yours I enjoyed the story.

  2. Oh, and to further confuse you, when “hayashi” is combined with “ko,” the “ha” (は) in “hayashi” changes to a “ba” (ば)…

  3. A very interesting tidbit about your surname. When we got married, I had the option of taking my wife’s surname, but being sort of traditional (old fashioned?) she took mine. The characters of my surname (小林) means “Little Forest” and is pronounced “shao lin” in Chinese, similar to the famous Shaolin (少林) Temple. The first character of my name differs slightly by one stroke. Although pronounced similarly in Chinese, one character denotes size, while the other quantity. The “onyomi” (“sound reading” or the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese characters) is “sho rin;” the “kunyomi” (actual Japanese words before the adaptation of the Chinese character system) is “ko hayashi.” Now, I’ll bet I totally confused you 🙂

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