Two hours in the park

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Last Saturday I had the pleasure of going birding with a my friend Dali. We heard the Cedar Waxwings were returning, and we hoped to find them.

We found a good size flock of them zipping through the Aspens, and pines in the park.  We spent most the morning photographing them.

Cedar WaxwingWe spotted several other birds too. I managed to nail this photo of a White Crown Sparrow as it was just about to take off.

White Crowned Sparrow taking offThere was an old dead tree along the creek that had several Acorn Woodpeckers, and Starlings perched on it. Here’s an Acorn Woodpecker taking a quick break from pecking for bugs.

Acorn WoodpeckerIn the wooded area we came across these lovely berries. I don’t know what plant this is, but it was lovely in the morning light, and the colors were vibrant, and perfect for the season.

Spiky BerriesIt was in this area we also saw several Anna’s Hummingbirds flitting around.

Anna's Hummingbird profileDali says this is a Yellow Throat Warbler. If it is this is the first one I’ve ever seen.

Yellow Throat WarblerHere are a few more Cedar Waxwings. I just love seeing them. They’re so exotic.

Cedar Waxwing_0878

The Aspens in the park were at peak Fall color, and the Waxwings liked being in the yellow branches.

Cedar on Aspen…and here’s one that was high on top of a tree feathering its nest.

Feathering the Nest

It was a very successful outing for birding, and a lovely way to spend two hours.

All the photos were taken with a Nikon D300s with a Nikkor 300mm f/4 lens, hand-held.





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