Mount Madonna Surprises

I had the pleasure of hiking with the “Wednesday Hiking Group” today. I haven’t hiked with them in a really long time due to work. Today I didn’t have work scheduled so I met them.

The group split into two groups at 3.25miles. The Rabbits took a shorter route that would loop them back and give them a 6.5mile hike, and the Big Dogs continued on to complete a 10.85mile hike.

There were 5 Big Dogs, and I’m happy to say I was one of them. On the way back we took the Bayview Trail for a bit and there beside it was some wild Foxglove. I’ve never seen it in the wild before. It was a lovely surprise.

Foxglove Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac



Foxglove Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac


A little later we saw some pretty Pacific Pea.

Pacific Pea Photography by Deborah M. Zajac


The fog hung thick in the Santa Cruz Mountain Range today, and several times we got rained on. It was definitely the place to hike on hot sunny day in the valley.

It was great seeing some old friends, and meeting new people today. I hope it’s not long before I can hike with the group again. There was another neat surprise during this hike I’ll share soon!

I’ve made my Hike Stats public if you’d like to see them, and the route map go here.

Info on Mount Madonna County Park is here.


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