Bumped: Capture NX2 Nikon’s Photo Editing Software

If you’re looking for software that will handle your new Nikon camera’s RAW files take a look at Nikon’s very own Capture NX2! It will read your RAW files perfectly.

Choose your region and download the free trial here.

Get lessons/tutorials here.

Looking for a free option to convert your RAW files with limited editing options download Nikon’s ViewNX 

Update: Reader Andy emails, ” Regarding Capture NX2 — I think it has several unique features worth mentioning.
The noise reduction is excellent.
Also the dust-off and spot healing are very helpful if you forgot to clean your sensor
Reading all camera parameters instead of just a few
Changes are stored in the original RAW file but can be reversed, and you can have several post-processing versions stored in the same file
The downside — no one else but Nikon can read those PP changes made to the NEF file”

New Photos Added to the Bistro Gallery!

The Bistro 4 gallery has been updated with more great photographs by members of The Bistro. A Nikon users group in the flickr community.

Like this marvelous photograph titled “Eyes of a Predator” by Jesse Cox

Photograph by Jesse Cox. ( Used with Permission)

To view all the 2011 Bistro Galleries go here:   At the front page just scroll down the page to see the Galleries.   I’m curating through July 10th. Come back again!

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When Seconds Count!

Yesterday afternoon I felt the rumble of a large vehicle, and  heard the sirens of several firetrucks pass by my house. Dropping everything to run out the door to see what was going on I smelled smoke and saw the trucks were not too far away as I reached the end of my driveway. I raced back in the house for my camera then dashed back out to run up the block.  A house up the street was on fire! A homeowners worst nightmare to be sure. I arrived only seconds after the fire trucks and already the firemen had sprung into action.

This lad was setting up the hose, and firemen were already in the house. He gives the fireman at the hydrant the thumbs up signal. All is ready to go.

Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Turning on the spigot

Photography by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved
Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.
Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

The rescue! I heard the fireman say, ” he/she was right near the door and came right to him.”  A very uplifting moment in an otherwise very tense, and somber time.

Photograph by Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

Minutes after this the firemen came off the roof. They were making great headway in knocking this fire down. Thankfully, no one was hurt. I haven’t heard today how much damage was sustained, but it didn’t look as bad as it could have been. I’m grateful for these suburban heroes whose quick action, skill, and professionalism not only saved this dog, but saved the house from total ruin.  Thank you San Jose Fire Department Station 14!

Nikon D300s| Nikkor 18-200mm VR| Hand-held

Bistro Gallery Updated w/New Photos!

Visit The Bistro Gallery to see more photographs from the talented members of the Bistro.

Like this fabulous photo titled “Our National Symbol” by Steve Abatzidis.

Photograph by Steve Abatzidis ( Used with Permission)

To see all the 2011 Bistro Galleries go here then scroll down to the Galleries.


Happy 4th of July!

The Bistro Gallery- New Photos Added!

Check out the Bistro Gallery. I’ve added new photos. This gallery is place I’m highlighting the work  of some of the very talented photographers who are members of the Bistro a Nikon users group.

Like this photograph by Anna, aka  Mystica_10v3

Photograph by Anna- aka: Mystica_10v3

All the 2011 Galleries are here. Scroll down the page you can’t miss them.

Photograph used with permission for this blog.

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Bump: The Bistro Gallery- new photos added

This week I have the honor and pleasure  of being the Curator of the Bistro Gallery. The Bistro is a Nikon Users group in the flickr community.

If you have time pour yourself a drink, pull up a comfy chair, and visit this week’s gallery. You’ll see the work of a few of the many talented photographers who call the Bistro “their local”.

Like this photo titled “Strike a Deal” by Ken Lunders

Photograph by Ken Lunders

I’ll be the Curator  thru July 3, 2011 please come by often as I’ll be adding photographs daily.

Past galleries I’ve curated:

Bistro 1.

Bistro 2.

To view all the 2011 Galleries go here. Then scroll down to find the Galleries.

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Bumped: DIY Intervalometer for Nikon, Canon, and Pentax DSLRs

Achim Sack a fan of time lapse photography and tinkering has created and revised his Intervalometer. For those who like to hack and tinker this might be right up your street.


  • No power supply needed: The circuit “steals” in the operating current (only 10µA at 5V and 2.5µA at 3.3V) from the signal lines of the camera
  • Interval adjustable from 0.4 seconds to about 18 minutes
  • No controls, setting of the intervall via “teach-in” from the camera
  • Ultra-portable: the circuitry fits into the housing of a 2.5mm stereo plug
  • Component cost: 87 ct (July 2010)

The details, and “how to” links are here.

H/T  How-To-Geek

Update:  Reader Stargazer 95050 emails,
The link to that cheap timelapse controller was fascinating. $2 for that !! It sounds too good to be true — tough technically he is right. !!
There is a catch of course : http://www.flickr.com/photos/sharpshutter/5918737334/