Nikon D4 w/ 32MP, D400 w/24MP Sensors from Sony?

Read in Nikon Rumors blog they received a tip. Read the whole thing here.


Nikon USA End of Quarter Cleaning!

Thom Hogan pointed out on his blog yesterday that Nikon USA is cleaning out their shelves and has sent a lot of refurbished stock to B&H.

There are 6 page of items today. There are D60’s, and D90’s, and a few newer entry-level DSLR’s like the D3000.  The B&H full list is here.

Nikon D5100 Review by DPS

Digital Photography School reviews the Nikon D5100.

Nikon Regsweeper released + NX 2 64 bit?

Two days ago Nikon released a new free software called Regsweeperwhich will remove all registry entries after uninstalling Nikon software from your Windows based computer:

Nikon My Picturetown for the iphone, ipod touch, and ipad

“This is the Nikon my Picturetown iPhone application. my Picturetown is an online photo sharing/storage service brought to you by Nikon.
This application makes it easy to create albums and organize photos taken with your iPhone. With this handy application, you can view and share photos stored on my Picturetown anytime, anywhere.’~Nikon Inc

Link is here:


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News from Nikon & Canon

Nikon announces its plans to keep its original schedule for new products.

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Canon USA Provided updates On Highly Anticipated EF Lens Availability For 2011

D5R a Nikon Concept Camera w/ a twist

This Nikon D5R camera is a designer’s concept created by Ned Mulka. The idea is to include the mirror, prism and sensor into a rotating element that can reduce the camera size and weight.

Senior thesis design project at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
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