Flight of the Fiery Skipper

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While #1 Grandson played quietly without me I took advantage and tried to catch up on emails and news at my desktop computer which is near a window that looks out on the backyard. Suddenly in the corner of my eye there was fluttering, and streak of color!

A Fiery Skipper was drinking the nectar from the tiny Lantana peddles! My camera never too far out of reach was in my hands quick as you like, and me making a mad dash for the backyard! Using a strip of lattice work on my patio cover as a blind I quietly positioned myself and took several images of the skipper at its meal. Most were sharp as a tack and show the skipper very well, but today I like this one the most. The movement shows their flightiness, and speed of the Skipper; how quick and nibble they are!

The image has an Impressionistic feel that resonates with my soul just now.

Flight of the Firery Skipper

No doubt in time I’ll be sharing one or two of those sharp as tack images I made, but today let’s be nibble and quick and fly with the Fiery Skipper! 🙂

Nikon D700| Nikkor 200-500mm| Lexar Professional Digital Film| PS CC 2015.5| image made 9/21/2016

More to come…


San Francisco Night Impressions

Copyright © 2011 Deborah M. Zajac. All Rights Reserved.

In early October I started experimenting with Impressionist Photography. I had read an article by Eva Polak, and had been studying her work for a couple of weeks and thought the Aspens of the Eastern Sierras would be a great place to try some techniques. I tried “movement” and “panning”, and failed brilliantly! When I got home and uploaded my frames I deleted every frame. I also tried defocusing. I kept 2 of those.

I’ve continued to play with the movement technique, but still am not achieving the result I want. I’m having better results defocusing. I used that here in this  night city street scene. I’m going to continue to play with the movement technique. Hopefully one day I’ll get it. Landscapes are in my blood, but  it has been fun challenging myself to try something new and get out of my  “box”. I certainly have a new appreciation for the talent and work of those like Eva Polak, and others who excel in fine art photography.

To see Eva Polak’s work go here:

Nikon D700| Nikkor 85mm| f5| 1/100sec| ISO 25600| Shutter Priority| Tripod