P52 25/52 Fly

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I’ve been spending some more time with my Bridge Camera the Panasonic DMZ-Fz200 trying to get better IQ shooting birds in the backyard, but that hasn’t worked out so well since when I’m out back #1 Grandson, and Diva Dog want to be out there too. Unfortunately, the birds don’t want to be out there sipping nectar or eating delicious seeds when nearly the whole family is out back.
But, as luck would have it #1 Grandson isn’t too keen on bugs right now so, he calls them out where ever and when ever he sees them…even flies! He quit playing in the mud puddle brought about by a broken sprinkler, and ran to me clinging to my leg for dear life proclaiming that there was a BUG!, and he very helpfully pointed it out to me. With camera in hand I assured him I’d take care of it. With #1 Grandson still clinging to my leg I cautiously approached the trespassing fly. When I got within the closest focal range to make an image I began pressing the shutter.   I managed to get several images thanks to being in Burst Mode. A few were decent.  The Fz200 can shoot 12 fps in Burst Mode! It’s one reason I bought the camera.

P52 25 of 52 Fly

#1 Grandson now emboldened by my bravery thought he get a little closer himself , let go of my leg, and took a big step forward, then Poof! The fly got scared and flew away. 🙂  #1 Grandson looked up at me with eyes full of surprise and question…and said, ” Fly flew away!”  I replied, “Yes, love it did. We have be very quiet, and can’t get too close or we’ll scare them. Stay by Gran and it might stay.”

The lessons of photographing, and loving wildlife are in full swing at my house!

Another reason I bought this camera was for the Leica f/2.8 fixed Aperture lens, and it’s 108mm lens which has a field of view equivalent of  600mm in 35mm format. I’ve seen some fantastic images taken of birds and wildlife with this little Bridge camera and I am hoping I can get similar results. Especially when traveling.  I’m thinking about taking this camera with me on a cruise I have coming up in late Aug/Sept. There will be some opportunities to see some birds and wildlife I don’t have near me and I don’t really want to pack and carry my heavy 300mm lens.  I’ll be testing this lens/camera out quite a bit in the next couple months.

Are you curious about how muddy #1 Grandson got this morning? I titled this image: A Broken Sprinkler, a Mud Puddle, and a Toddler= A Bunch of Fun this Summer Morning.

P 52 25 of 52 A broken Sprinkler, Mud Puddle, and a Toddler = A

I stripped him and ran like mad to the bathtub when he was ready to go in the house. I wonder if I’ll get the mud and sand out of his clothes?

Jaxon in Mud Hole

Broken Sprinkler brings about a huge opportunity to play in the mud!
He was just this close to drinking some of this muddy water when I caught him! If I drop my gaze for just one second I know he’ll drink some! It’s inevitable I know, but I have to try to stop it! 🙂

I’ve got a couple of more photos of him over on Instagram too. If you’d like to see those click here!

Panasonic DMC-Fz200|Lexar Professional Digital Film| Hand-held| CS6

More to come…

Christmas Dinner

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We had a lovely Christmas. We slept til 8:00 AM which was so nice. When the kids were little they were up well before dawn poking around. This year my daughter, son-in-law, and new Grandson spent the night with my son-in-law’s  parents so they arrived at our house mid-morning. We opened presents, had breakfast and spent the rest of the morning/afternoon being slugs.

I was off the hook for dinner this year. We were invited to my son-in-law’s parents for dinner. I only needed to take dessert. Easy! I took a pumpkin pie, and apple pie. They were a nice end to Marilyn’s fabulously delicious Italian dinner…I should say feast.

When we arrived Marilyn had the table laid; it was festive, and reminded me of my Mother’s Christmas table setting.

Marilyn's Christmas Table

There were before dinner hors d’oeuvres. My favorite was a Corn dip. I don’t know what besides corn is in it, but it’s really good. I need to get the recipe. We ate it with tortilla chips:

Corn Dip

Little Jaxon made the rounds meeting some relatives for the first time since coming home. Here is he with his Great Uncle Don, and Great Aunt Steph.  Jaxon is in for a lot of good times and laughs when Uncle Don is around. He’s funny!

The Greatest Aunt Steph and Uncle Don

Aunt Rhianna, Uncle Ben, and cousin Maci were there too:

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Jaxon eventually made it back to his Mommy, and his Daddy was nearby.

John Allie and Jaxon Christmas 2012

The aromas emanating from Marilyn’s kitchen were making my stomach rumble.  There’s nothing like a home filled with the great aromas of a home cooked meal about to be served. On the menu were:

Lamb Osso bucco, Chicken cacciatore, a spinach salad with pecans, and pomegranate, all tossed with a light dressing,  fresh steamed broccoli on the side, and no Italian meal is complete without pasta. It was paired nicely with a Cabernet Sauvignon or a Moscato wine.  Oh, and Mother’s milk for Jaxon.

Both the chicken and the lamb were so tender; they fell off the bone at the slightest touch of a fork tine.

Marilyn's Chicken Cacciatore

Lamb Osso Bucco, Chicken and Pasta

Our lovely Hostess Marilyn:

Marilyn_0829Thank you so much for a wonderful meal, great conversation, and your warm hospitality! I’ll be dieting the rest of the week.

Marilyn, I’m serious, come for New Year’s Dinner and share our family tradition with us!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and were blessed to spend it with those you love.

Nikon D700| Nikkor 50mm AF-D| SB600 Speedlight