An Otterly great morning on the Slough

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I went kayaking for the first time Sunday morning in Elkhorn Slough which is in the Monterey Peninsula in a sleepy little coastal hamlet called Moss Landing here in California.
This is something I’ve wanted to do since I was out here on a Pontoon boat with a Photography group last year.  My friend Dali and I both signed up for the Basics Course at Kayak Connection which is located right on the Slough .The red kayak behind the blue  one was mine for morning. She’s sleek, quick, and her number is KC58. I had the good fortune of having a great instructor who got me through the basics in just 3 hours.

While we were practicing how to go straight, and proper paddle position  I got close to Dali  so I stopped , and thought to pull out my camera for a quick photo of him gliding through the water in his yellow kayak.

After learning how to paddle straight, turn, stop, and go backwards, and learning to quickly steer clear of obstacles with a maneuver called the “J move” it was time to venture further into the slough.  We rowed out toward the mouth of the harbor when two male otters came to play. They were so close to me. One swam under my kayak and started knocking his clam on the underside of my kayak to crack it open. It was so exciting! Just look how close this one was to me.

Our guide Courtland  told us this Otter’s red tail tag meant he’d been released from the Monterey Bay Aquarium for being too familiar with humans. Evidently he’s still quite fond of humans. He showed no fear of us at all. He was swimming right up to our kayaks and looking in, and all around them for food I think. This is what I wanted to experience while kayaking.

It was an exciting day! Dali and I are both stoked and looking forward to getting out on the water again!

Canon Powershot SD750, SanDisk Digital Film

Canon Tutorials

“Explore the features and functions of video production with Canon’s EOS HD SLR cameras in these educational tutorials, shot on location and hosted by Canon Digital Learning Center contributor Jem Schofield with special guest instructors.” Canon USA

There is a lot of good stuff here for photographers in general…not necessarily for Canon shooters only. Some topics are:

Using filters


Understanding and Setting Frame rates

Zoom lenses

Prime lenses

+ more here!

Bumped: DIY Intervalometer for Nikon, Canon, and Pentax DSLRs

Achim Sack a fan of time lapse photography and tinkering has created and revised his Intervalometer. For those who like to hack and tinker this might be right up your street.


  • No power supply needed: The circuit “steals” in the operating current (only 10µA at 5V and 2.5µA at 3.3V) from the signal lines of the camera
  • Interval adjustable from 0.4 seconds to about 18 minutes
  • No controls, setting of the intervall via “teach-in” from the camera
  • Ultra-portable: the circuitry fits into the housing of a 2.5mm stereo plug
  • Component cost: 87 ct (July 2010)

The details, and “how to” links are here.

H/T  How-To-Geek

Update:  Reader Stargazer 95050 emails,
The link to that cheap timelapse controller was fascinating. $2 for that !! It sounds too good to be true — tough technically he is right. !!
There is a catch of course :

Deconstructing the Story: Light, Sound, Motion & EOS HD

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Canon Shooters, there are still 2 more dates to catch this workshop in the USA!

” Canon’s video-capable EOS cameras have changed the way filmmakers conduct their craft. They’ve opened the door to a striking and emotive new style of storytelling. Whether you’re an event photographer looking to understand cinematography better, an amateur looking for a new “angle” on your favorite subjects, a wedding professional looking to take your stories to new levels, or a production professional interested in using EOS HD for a quicker, more intimate production workflow, this three-day workshop will expose all of the potential you have in telling your EOS stories. Through an exploration of many of the facets that compose a film; light, camera movement, lens choice/color, storyboarding, and post/editing, we will deconstruct the story and put it back together again.”

News from Nikon & Canon

Nikon announces its plans to keep its original schedule for new products.

H/T Nikon Rumors

Canon USA Provided updates On Highly Anticipated EF Lens Availability For 2011