Wild Wednesday 34/52 Rowing

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I met Gordon and some other friends early Saturday morning for a day of photography. We photographed the US Masters Rowing Championship meet at Lake Merritt in Oakland CA.

We got there as the sun was rising, and a little later we got golden-pink hue on the Alameda County Court House and lake.  This was the prettiest scenery I saw on Saturday.

Alameda County Court House

Then we waited for the races to begin. There were singles, 2 person teams, 4 person teams, 8 person teams, and mixed teams. Going in I knew absolutely nothing about rowing, but I did learn the difference between Sculls, and Sweeps on Saturday. It’s all about the oars.

In Sculling each team member has a pair of oars. Their boats tend to be smaller with 1, 2, or 4 rowers, and sculling boats do not have a coxswain.

Sweeps- each team member has one oar, and their boats can have 2, 4, or 8 rowers. Larger boats with 4 or 8 rowers will often times have a coxswain steering the boat.

The Coxswain is the member of the team that sits in stern of the boat, and steers the boat. The rowers have their backs facing the direction they’re going so having someone steer and call out what is needed from the rowers is necessary. They also coordinate the power, and rhythm of the rowers.  They are loud, we could hear them from clear across the lake.

2 man team- They’re sculling.  I tried panning. It wasn’t easy because they’re going slower than you think they are when trying to pan.

2 Man Team-Sculling

4 man team- Sweeps with a Coxswain

Sweeps 4 man team with Coxswain

The funniest thing I saw that day was a seagull trying to chase a drone out of its airspace.

The Drone was filming the races, and streaming a live feed back to a BIG monitor for spectators and teams to watch in the rowers staging area.  The gull never got any closer than this to the Drone during this territorial spat, but it squawked at the Drone the whole time it chased it.

Territorial Spat

A team headed to the staging area-

Rowing Team

Rowing shoes

Looking Up

Making some adjustments

Making some Adjustments

Rowing Oars

The starting line in the background

Wildflowers around Lake Merritt

It was a 3 day event. I have no idea who won in the end, but it was fun to hang out and photograph some of it, and learn a little something about rowing.  It looks like a fun sport.

I hope your week is going well, and you have a lovely week-end!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 300mm f/4 & Nikkor 24-120mm f/4| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2018

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Diablo Trails Challenge

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A month or so ago I was inspired by my friend Anne to join her on Saturday April 19, 2014 in Walnut Creek, CA to participate in the Diablo Trail Challenge. It would be her Birthday and she wanted to do something fun and athletic for it. I read about the event and wanted to join her.   There were four events going on; a 50K, Half Marathon, 10K, and 5K.  Anne is a runner; she signed up for the 10K, and I hike/walk signed up to do the 5K. I thought we’d finish about the same time.

I asked He-Man if he wanted to do it with me and he said he would.

The Diablo Trails Challenge is a fundraiser to protect, restore  the land, trails, and build new trails. This event started and finished at Castle Rock Recreation Park in Walnut Creek, CA.

The whole event was really well-organized from start to finish. Overflow parking was at local High School. Since my event was last I knew parking in the park would be full, so I went straight to the High School where I found plenty of parking.

Free Shuttle buses were running continuously between the Park and High School.  There was a line for a shuttle bus when I got there, and Anne had sent me a text message telling me it took her awhile to get on a shuttle. The volunteers at the Shuttle bus waiting line were very “time” conscious . They walked up and down the line asking if anyone was doing the 10K?  If they found any they were quickly sent to the front of the line.

Once we got to the Starting area I found the check-in process well-organized and well manned. Then all we had to do was people watch while waiting for the 5K to start. As it got closer to the start time people started gathering near the Starting Line I went up in front and grabbed a quick photo.

4 Minutes til Start Time

Then I went to the back of the pack, raised the camera over my head and tried to capture the 5K pack-

Minutes before the Start of the 5K Save Mount Diablo Run April 1When the Gun went off to begin our event I crouched low and slowed my shutter speed to capture the motion of the runners/walkers feet-

They're Off!The trail started off on flat sandy/rocky soil then quickly we started going up.  Several men runners from earlier events passed us. About a half mile into the hike I saw a woman running down the hill wearing a 10K bib. She was the first woman we’d seen returning. She might have been the first place 10K woman.

First Woman I saw coming down the mountainThe trail was mixed terrain; flat and easy or rocky and tricky. The trickiest place was the creek we crossed.

There was big puddle  that was too deep to run/walk through so everyone went around it, which caused a bit of a bottle neck. We let returning runners/walkers come across first. There’s He-Man with his back to me in the blue T-shirt carrying a black camera bag.

5 Crossing the creek_4944We got to the 5K turn-around point but, I hadn’t seen Anne coming down yet so we decided to wait a bit for her. 8 minutes later Anne; the Birthday girl/woman turned the corner with a friend (Bill).

It's my Birthday!Anne and Bill left us shortly after saying Hello to keep their pace and time. We’d meet them at the Finish.

There were lots of cheering volunteers and staff along the trail. This man, a photographer, and female volunteer not shown were just past the 5K turn-around point where we waited for Anne.

Staff on the trail cheering on the runners_4950This couple was having a lot of fun, and look like they have plenty of energy to finish.

7 Man and Woman just past the 5K mark on their way down_4956a male runner on the way to the Finish Line- he might be a Half Marathon Runner.

8 Runner Male Will on the way down near 5K mark_4948Photographing the photographer

Photographing the Photographer_4961v2The Finish Line in my sights!

Nearing the Finish line

After crossing the Finish Line I collected my Finishing Metal, and T-shirt then grabbed a snack then we headed to the Shuttle.  I couldn’t find Anne to say Good-bye, and I didn’t have cell service, but tried sending her text message anyway. Anne found us in the Shuttle waiting line. We all left together. We all agreed it was a fun morning with great weather.  I’d do this event again. Maybe next time Baby Girl, and #1 Grandson will do it with us too.

All images taken with a Nikon D700 w/AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G  using Lexar Professional Digital Film, developed in Photoshop CS6