Home Improvement Phase 1, Update 2

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When we bought our house there was a partition between the Living Room and Family/Dining Room. It was made of 1×1’s spaced an inch or so apart, and there was plywood on the Family Room side so you couldn’t see into the Family Room.  Oh, and they were stained in a Natural Burch or something. Brown.  I detested it so, I asked He-Man to take it apart to remove the plywood then put the 1×1’s back and open it up. Being the good guy he is he did it. Then I painted them in Dover White.

The most recent image I have of the Partition is Christmas 2014.

Partition  separating Living and Family Rm and Kitchen

It’s very 60’s, and we really wished we had sound proofing between rooms. There were two more smaller sets of the same slotted partitions in hall way where  two bedrooms and the hall bathroom are, but years ago I had those removed and had the walls extended to replace them, and we enlarged the hall closet.  I’ve loved having the bigger hall closet, and have never missed those partitions!

When we started planning the bedroom addition in September I ask to the contractors to also include removing the large partition and build a wall with a pocket door in its place. Thankfully it was in our budget.

Here’s how it looks finished.


Pardon the chaos in the Living room! I love that Queen Anne Pocket Door! Unfortunately, the large glass pane was scratched either during delivery or while the painting was being done.  Hopefully we’ll get something worked out so that piece of glass is replaced.

We’re loving how much quieter each of the areas is when the Pocket Door is closed. I can sit in the Living room working on my computer and not hear the TV in the Family Room, and they can’t hear my computer when I’m watching movies or Photoshop Tutorials.  We’re wishing we had done this sooner!

Phase II should start sometime in mid April. The new bedroom addition, total remodel of our Master bathroom, the closet in the Master bedroom has to be moved to the other side of the room to accommodate that, and the room will be enlarged a bit because we have to add entry hallway to be able to access the new bedroom.

We’ll be moving our entire Master Bedroom into the Living Room and sleeping there, and Baby Girl and #1 Grandson will be moving to the back bedroom that I now use as my Retreat. Baby Girl’s bedroom is getting a little bit bigger too.

I’ll be documenting the work with photos.

Nikon Df

More to come…