Friday’s Feathered Friends- Wood Ducks


I heard from a friend that along the river where I found the Owlets there was a family of Wood Ducks so, I went to check it out and sure enough I found some of them. My friend said there were 6 chicks, but I only saw 3.

I hope the others were just napping.

Here’s the male…aka Dad Wood Duck. Isn’t he a beautiful duck!

Here’s Mama. It looks like I caught her just after her bath. It must have been a fast one b/c now she’s after the chicks making sure they’re alright.

Here’s the first chick I spied. This is the only chick I was able to get a decent image of as the other two stayed in the reeds.

Wood Duck Fun Facts:

  • Natural cavities for nesting are scarce, and the Wood Duck readily uses nest boxes provided for it. If nest boxes are placed too close together, many females lay eggs in the nests of other females.
  • Wood Ducks pair up in January, and most birds arriving at the breeding grounds in the spring are already paired. The Wood Duck is the only North American duck that regularly produces two broods in one year.
  • The Wood Duck nests in trees near water, sometimes directly over water, but other times over a mile away. After hatching, the ducklings jump down from the nest tree and make their way to water. The mother calls them to her, but does not help them in any way. The ducklings may jump from heights of over 50 feet without injury.
  • The oldest recorded Wood Duck was a male and at least 22 years, 6 months old. He was banded in Oregon and found in California.

Fun Facts gleaned from

Fuji X-T3| Fuji 100-400mm| PS CC 24.5

I hope you all have a good week-end!

more to come…

36 thoughts on “Friday’s Feathered Friends- Wood Ducks

    1. I’m so glad you liked the images, Marina! I am familiar with some of that issues as my daughter and son-in-law have had trouble with a skunk getting in their hen/duck/turkey house but thankfully, not a fox!

  1. They are beautiful. I love watching mom ducks in the water with their chicks. I guess they prepare them life in the wild. The photos are delightful. I love the reflection of the male. I also appreciate the tibits. I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. I love the fun facts, Deborah. I can picture the chicks jumping from the tree, and I didn’t realize they nest in trees. Beautiful photos!

  3. How wonderful. It was great that you were able to photograph the male, female and a chick. Great job…I have yet to see or photograph these beautiful birds.

  4. Your male wood ducks are so much more attractive than ours. It is interesting how these birds nest high in tree nesting holes, quite unlike other ducks. Have an enjoyable weekend my friend.

  5. Beautiful Deb!   Have a fun Memorial Day Weekend!    See you end of June I hope!


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  6. I’ve yet to see a wood duck, but until I do, photos like these help to keep the search alive! Mallard mamas sometimes will lay their eggs on one of the boats in the area, and when they do, the hatchlings need a little human help to get up and over the bulwarks before making their jump to the water.

    1. Oh, I hope you do get to the Wood Ducks one day the male is gorgeous and the female is so exotic looking to me.
      How interesting that is about the Mallards there. I’m so happy to hear there are humans that help the ducklings over the bulwarks! 😀😀

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