Whatever Weds. Don’t worry…

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It looks worse than it is. It’ll grow back!

Western Fence Lizard

After I set up my new birdbath 3 lizards came to check it out straight-away…this was one of them and the bravest of the 3.

Fuji X-T3| Fujinon 100-400mm| PS CC 24.4.1

more to come...

39 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. Don’t worry…

  1. Fun capture. The tell of the tailless … I have seen a few like this one. My birdbath is up off the ground and you make me wonder if maybe I should put one in that is at ground level.

  2. He does look pretty brave. That’s a great photo. We get a wide variety of birds at our birdbaths (which are on the ground) and of course, squirrels and bunnies.

      1. We kept small ones out all winter. Actually, they aren’t birdbaths, they’re plastic planter saucers that are the color of terracotta. The birdbath, would crack if we left it out. Everybody out there now expects them to be full. The bunny kicks them across the yard when they’re empty.

  3. We are having lots of crows dunk bread in ours. We are going to have to clean it with a strainer.

  4. Wow Deborah, I have never had lizards at our birdbaths. At least they know where they can get water also, and may become food for the birds, like the predators waiting at the waterholes in Africa for the unsuspecting animals. I do hope you have many hours of enjoyment when the birds find the baths and tell the others, like ours have. In Australia, the local birds being mostly territorial and present year long in a very respected community of species of usually only one breeding pair of each except for the Miners, we get to know the birds individually, and learn how they interact with each other which is wonderful in my studies of bird behaviour, particularly between species co inhabiting the same area. I have been seeing how they communicate between species for the common good, and share information. If I have been away for several days and my bird baths are empty and dirty, as soon as I fill them and walk inside they come immediately. They wait for me. My Grey Butcherbird ‘Butch’ sings to me each time he sees me walk down the stairs. Enjoy, hoping the spring and summer needs for refreshment and the bird’s great need to be clean, bring your local birds.

    1. So far a pair of House Sparrows has found the birdbath. They’ve been coming in the afternoon for a quick drink. So quick I’ve not been able to catch with the camera.

      I hope my birdbath gets some regulars like you’ve got. That would be fun!

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