One Line Weds. Oops!


While on my early morning walk on Monday as I was passing a house where there was some noise of remodeling or construction going on I suddenly heard,

“Oh no! I just cut my cord.”

Table Saw

That was a tough way to start the day and week! I hope your week is going better than that guys started.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 50mm f/1.8g| Photo taken in 2015 while our old house was being remodeled. |PS CC 23.2.2

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more to come…

33 thoughts on “One Line Weds. Oops!

  1. Hi Deborah, I remember my husband running over the cord of his electric lawn mower when we were first married. He was trying to mow the lawn before it got to dark to see. That didn’t work out to well! Lol! 😮 Great image!

    1. LOL! No, it didn’t did it.
      I haven’t run over an electrical cord, but I have snipped the drip line whilst trimming bushes, and pulling weeds, and once I accidently caught the vacuum cleaner on fire after what I thought was being clever and vacuuming out the fireplace ashes rather than using the little shovel. Little did I know there were still some very hot coals under that thick layer of ash! Fortunately for me I didn’t ruin the vacuum!

    1. I think my first thought would go to a new baby being born and someone cutting the umbilical cord too soon. That’s where my head went just reading your question, but, I know what you were thinking! .😀

  2. Like John Howell, I did that with a circular saw. The saw in the picture looks like it might be a tile saw. In that case, there was also water involved. Lucky man.

    1. This saw in the image was used for our bathroom remodel back in 2015. I wanted an image to go with the line so used what I had. 😀 I know he was using a saw of some sort b/c I could hear it then it stopped and he said, “Oh no! I cut my cord.” He didn’t sound happy at all, but I couldn’t see what type of saw he was using. If it was a tile saw he was really lucky indeed!

      1. A residual current device. It instantly cuts the power if something goes wrong. Cut the power cord on my electric lawnmower (several times) ditto hedge trimmer.

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