Whatever Weds. A White Christmas

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As I mentioned in my last post we had a window of opportunity to get across the mountains to go to our daughter’s for Christmas so we took it. A couple of days later after it had stopped snowing I put on some boots and headed outside a couple of times to photograph some of the Oak trees on my daughter’s property while the snow was fresh.

Oaks along the fence line
White Christmas after the storm

Last light
Still hanging on

We had a low of 11 degrees on Sunday but, it’s warming up my weather app says it’s going to be 50 degrees today…it said that about yesterday too but, the high was 49 which I was happy about! It was windy making it feel colder but, my walk to the mailbox was pleasant.

I hope you’re staying warm and your new year has started off well.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 24-120mm| PS CC 23.0.0

more to come…

39 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. A White Christmas

    1. I just ordered that first image in print. I hope it comes out well. Thank you so much, Robert! I agree it is often hard to see through the clutter and get a good composition. I kept thinking I’ll keep shooting and my eye will begin to focus on what my mind is trying to tell me. Composition is still challenging at times!

  1. Wow. I’m no fan of winter, but the natural beauty is undeniable at times (especially when viewed from inside!), and you’ve captured it perfectly, Deborah. 🙂

  2. Absolutely beautiful captures!
    We’ve not had THAT much snow here, yet! We only just got serious winter weather last week, single digits, and now we’re back to rain.

    1. Thank you so much, Judy! I think it was so much prettier than my images convey. I’ll keep trying. Have a lovely week-end!
      I was thinking about your video of the sea yesterday. I could almost hear the waves lapping on the shore. 😀

  3. I LOVE your photography, especially the leaves against the snow. I am glad that the New Year begins in winter. It gives time to reflect and rest before the awakening of spring. Happy New Year.

  4. Beautiful captures Deborah, the snow gives everything such a Christmas charm, which we sing about down here but only see in your part of the world as we swelter in the summer heat. It is lovely and cooling to see your pics 🙂
    Lovely you were able to take the opportunity to do the walk in such cold conditions. I love the first photo it is good enough to frame.

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