Whatever Weds. San Clemente Pier Plus 1 more…

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He-Man and I have been traveling between our children’s homes in April which has been fun, and wonderful. Our latest trip we went to see our son in SoCal for several days. One evening we went down to the pier hoping for a good sunset. It wasn’t bad, but the company was perfect.

San Clemente Pier at Sunset

We dined out in restaurants and it was grand! Really. I missed dining out. We ate in places that we don’t have at home like Thai, Greek, and fresh Seafood. I was bad and didn’t take any images of the food at these places. Sorry!

We took after dinner hikes up in the canyon near Big Baby Boy’s and The Dark Haired Beauty’s place, and it was lovely. Spring wildflowers were in bloom.

Here’s a Sweet Pea of some sort- Sandy Beach or Chaparral? They are the largest flowers in the Pea family I’ve ever seen before.

I only took my Fuji X-T3 and my newest lens for it the Fujinon XF 16-80mm.

I’ve had the lens a couple of months now and really haven’t used it all that much, but this trip it got some love. I think it did a good job and its small, as well as light weight so it made a great travel kit.

There’s a nesting Red-tailed Hawk in a tree at the Golf Course where we live. I am hoping to get some good images of the chick and the parents bringing in food. So far I’ve not been lucky.

I hope you’re all having a good week so far. What’s new with you?

Fuji X-T3| Fuji 16-80mm| PS CC 22.3.0

more to come…

38 thoughts on “Whatever Weds. San Clemente Pier Plus 1 more…

  1. I am happy you are able to see your children more frequently, Deborah. An interesting photo that pulls me into the moment. Thank you for sharing.❤️

  2. This was delightful, Deborah! The sunset is gorgeous, far more than ‘a good sunset’. And the close up of the flower is equally lovely. You could have titled this ‘near and far’. Best were your words of time with family. They painted the best picture of all!

    1. Oh, I love your idea for a title, Jennie! I’m terrible at captions and titles. Thank you so much for your lovely thoughts about this post. Being with the kids, and grandsons was wonderful.

  3. How wonderful to see the kids and grandkids, so happy for you both! And, yes, dining out too! Something we missed terribly too, we’re just getting back out there ourselves with dining. I love both shots, Deborah!

  4. What a delightful time Deborah, we did miss dining out , and it is good to have some normal back. It is great we can see our families again. Love the sweet pea !

  5. Good news from your side of the pond Deborah! Family, dining out, a wonderful picture from your new lens. Over here from today on we are welcome at outside terraces again, wich makes life considerable more pleasant, not only for personal pleasure but it also enlivens the city and villages. I received my first vaccine-shot, so half my body is now protected 🙂 and I hope to get my second one in a month or so. Then summer, then travel again. I cincerely hope!

  6. I like that last photo. It’s perfect. I also am glad to read that you’ve had the chance to dine out. Looking forward to doing that sometime this summer.

  7. I was in San Clemente over 40 years ago, but all the photos are property of the ex. I’m so glad to see the pier and the sunset. That’s a beautiful image.

    It looks like your working that new gear pretty well. I hope you get the pictures of the hawk. I almost had one for today’s post, but Maddie yanked her leash just as I snapped the shutter and all have is a football shaped blur in the tree. I tried finding it again, but it was gone.

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