53 thoughts on “Wordless Weds. The Morning After

  1. Stunning Deborah! So dream like! also, the appearance of space!
    About loading up your pics of Senora, don’t wait till summer (giggle) Jesh

      1. It took us two years to find our house. We don’t have such magificent views, though, because our place is not on a hill. In a certain way we regret that, but hill property is very sought-after here and very expensive. In the early days of our looking around we found a house with great vistas of the Pedernales Valley, but that was sold before we could get our hands on it. Maybe it was not too bad because that was 7 miles out of the city, and withus getting older we feel more comfortable within city limits, and ony 2.5 miles from the centre. That’s a real plus especially in these times of Covid.

        1. We were thrilled that this house is on the northern end of town and closer to the city where we do our Costco run, and the hardware store we like is up there too. Oh, the Hospital is up there too should we need it. So we’re only a few miles from those stores, but my favorite grocery store is way downtown which is about 16 miles away. The drive is so pretty I don’t mind it at all.

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