Friday’s Feathered Friends-Bullock’s Oriole Male

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For this week’s Friday’s Feathered Friends, and Lisa’s Weekly Bird Challenge whose theme this week is Yellow Birds I have to share the male Bullock’s Oriole!

Bullock's Oriole Male

They pass through here during mating season and stay high up in the treetops making photographing them a challenge.  I saw this guy not too long ago in April while birding.

Fuji X-T3| Fujinon XF100-400mm LM OIS| PS CC 21.1.2

more to come…



58 thoughts on “Friday’s Feathered Friends-Bullock’s Oriole Male

  1. What a handsome bird, Deborah. Your composition is stunning too. The pigeons have mostly taken over everything here. They did that last autumn. I hoped they’d leave (so my other birds could return), but they were back again as soon as the weather became spring-like. I do see a single hummingbird once in a while. Always a treat.
    Hugs on the wing.

    1. I only saw one Hummingbird in my neighbors yard last year…they must not be numerous here in the high desert, but I am looking forward to the Trumpet Flower plant blooming and hoping the Hummer returns to feed there again. They are a treat to see.

      Thank you so much, Teagan! Have a lovely day! xx

      1. Last year I always saw them in a pair. This year I’ve only seen one at a time. I keep fresh water in a shallow dish. I have a thorn bush they liked to feed from last year, but it only had one blossom this year… They feed from my cacti when they are blooming. I have roses, but I’ve never seen a hummer showing interest in them. (Shrugs) I’ve always been amazed to see them in NM.

  2. Love the contrasting colors in the bird Deborah, a real stunner. WE have a similar problem trying to photograph our tiny birds under the dark canopy of our very high eucalypt trees. 🙂

    1. Thank you, Dan! I was frustrated and had a crick in the neck after looking for and photographing this guy and a couple others for hours. I think they’re gone now. They’re only here for a couple of months. It was the same when I lived in San Jose too. It’s a treat for me to see them too!

  3. Such a sharp photo Deborah I enlarged it and the background is nicely blurred. Perfect among the yellow blossom. I’ve never seen or heard of these birds.

  4. We get bright yellow orioles here in the summer and I’ve tried many times to get a good shot of one. When I don’t have my camera, they seem to pose for many moments in the trees out back. When I have my camera, though, they are nowhere to be seen. Your picture is so nice… and I’m a bit jealous 🙂

        1. That’s fun! I’m looking forward to seeing those images.

          When we first bought our old house back in the early 80’s there was a pair of wild parrots that would come in every evening and roost in the big pine tree on the next street. We’d see them and hear all the time. I never got a good picture of them though. Then one day we noticed they hadn’t been coming back. For a long time I wondered where they went.
          I wish I had a longer lens then, that was the beginning of me wanting something longer than 200mm! 😀

  5. I think one of these was at my birdfeeder yesterday! Either this or a Baltimore Oriole. It might have been a bit oranger. I put in my IG story! See what you think. It is beautiful!

  6. This is lovely! It seems to be a good year for Baltimore orioles here. Oh I know, I don’t think they are called that anymore but it is what I call them. I love to see flashes of orange and yellow through the canopy.

      1. Ha! I cannot remember. I tend to dismiss news of changed names, whether it is plants, butterflies or birds. Hard enough to remember the old names! 😀

  7. I got my first Orchard Oriole in April at the St. Marks Wildlife Refuge. No photo as they got into cover and never came out but it was a lifer for me. Your photo is spectacular and boy is he showing off his color. 🥰

      1. I didn’t finish my sentence earlier when my clumsy thumbsy hit the enter button on my phone. I have never seen a Bullock Oriole. This would be a life bird for me! 😊

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