Whatever Wednesday: Coyote

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Hello! I hope this finds you all doing well and the start of 2019 has been easy on you.

I started the year birding on January 1st with several friends. Upon entering one of our favorite wildlife refuges we spotted a Coyote and got some great looks at each other.

Isn’t it a beauty!


The Coyote in Symbolism is the guide that can appear to you when you’ve lost your way or path.  It speaks to the path less traveled. The Coyote is the trusted guide that leads the way for those answers along this path.

It was a wonderful day of birding and wildlife seeing, and I knew when we spotted the Coyote first thing it was a good omen for the day.

Update on Baby Girl– The planned inducement date is January 28th! In just 19 days barring any changes, we’ll be seeing our newest member of the family! Our little man in the womb is doing great, and Baby Girl is hanging in there like a trooper.

Blogging this year– I thought about doing another weekly self-challenge, but didn’t want to limit myself, and I really like posting on Wednesdays-it works for me, but I don’t want to commit to Wordless Wednesday cause sometimes I like to talk or tell a story, so this year I’m going to be open to posting Whatever and mostly I’ll post on Wednesday, but I may pop in on a different day, but I won’t be loading up your email inbox with more than two posts a week.  Once a week works for me, but once in awhile, there might be two posts in a week.  So, I’m posting Whatever Wednesday this year.

Perhaps, this Coyote is a good omen for 2019 for me?  Odd years are usually better for me as strange as that sounds it’s true. I’m hoping it holds true this year too.

Happy Hump Day everyone, and here’s to a wonderful 2019!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2019

more to come…






62 thoughts on “Whatever Wednesday: Coyote

  1. What a lovely photo! I encountered a coyote up close recently while I was riding my bicycle. I turned a corner at it was right there, just a few feet away (maybe four). Its eyes were gorgeous! We both froze and stared at each other for ten seconds and then the beautiful animal jumped over a six foot wall and was gone!

  2. It’s hard for me to keep up with all my blogging friends and yesterday I realized I hadn’t been keeping up with you! Yes … this coyote is a beauty … and a great capture too! I like the information you provided on coyote’s symbolism. I’ve seen a couple lately and am wondering how I can relate this to my present life.

  3. An amazing photo, Deborah! I did not realize the symbolism of the coyote. What a wonderful omen to start your day and your year. Exciting about expecting the little man in your life. The miracle of life and a new little one to love truly makes life special. I know 2019 will be wonderful!

  4. This is such an amazing capture, Deborah! I love that you shared the symbolism behind coyotes. I did not know that about them. Whatever Wednesday sounds like it’ll be great. I can’t wait to see what shows up. 🙂 I’m glad that Baby Girl and little man are doing well. I’m sure you can’t wait to see his precious face! 🙂

  5. My Wednesday was fine as pie, thank you! 🙂 I saw my Work Squirrel when I arrived, and pointed him out to Mentor. I love him. Dinner was lasagna, Sassy’s baking chocolate chip cookies, and we’re going to cuddle up soon –watch a show or movie.
    I am so glad all your newses are good today! I hope it continues, that coyote a sign of a new path, ripe with possibilities.

    1. You ate so fine today Woman, and Sassy baking the Chocolate chip cookies, and the squirrel all in one day…perfect Wednesday in my book!

      I need a pretty normal to great quarter in this new year cause the last quarter was pretty tough for me and He-Man.

      I’m of those that puts stock in those mystics with the stones, animals, and stars so that Coyote at that moment was big deal to me.
      I too hope that newses and photographic opportunities continue to be good for me. That will keep me whole and sane. 😃

    1. I would love to do One Liner Wednesday, but I can never, ever think of the one line! You and those that participate in that one are by far and way smarter than me!
      Yes, He-Man and are so excited! Bonus! Baby Girl asked me to come to stay a week or so today to help with #1 Grandson and the new baby. I’ll give you three guesses …who’s doing a Happy Dance about that? 😃 Bet you only needed one though! xx♥

  6. that coyote is a beaut! what amazing pattern in the fur! So excited for your impending arrival in the family! And do what feels good and right and you enjoy – and we will enjoy along with you! Hugs!

    1. Thank you so much Pauline! We are hoping for the best too with Baby Girl and the new baby.

      That look! He or she was looking at our friends who were pulling up behind us. Definitely a cunning and wise Coyote this one who accessed the situation quite quickly and posed for us then with all the arrogance of a star trotted off to the north without even a by your leave or glance back! Huh!

  7. I enjoyed Wild Wednesday, which would work for this shot, and I know I’ll enjoy Whatever Wednesdays as well. In fact, I like the idea. I know what you mean about sometimes wanting to say something on Wordless Wednesday and sometimes I feel as though visitors think they should remain wordless as well, something I don’t like. 🙂


    1. Exactly! This year is going to be in flux for me. We’re moving to another state, selling our house in Calif. and my photography time is bound to be impacted so, I thought I’d do myself a favor and give myself some flexibility this year and not commit to a 52 week project. Just do Whatever feels right.

      When I did the Wordless Wednesday year there were quite a few times I wished to speak and tell the story behind the image! I think Wordless Wednesday for me would only be once in a while rather weekly. 😃

      1. What? You’re moving? Where are you headed and how soon? (If you don’t want to say here, feel free to shoot me an email.) That will certainly be a big change. And I know what you mean about telling the story with WW. 🙂

  8. Whatever wednesday is cool! 🙂 As is the beautiful photo of the coyote. Wonderful animal that is, a slender wolf with foxy ears, smart, not sly. I hope the coyote will lead you and yours through 2019, with lots of yet untrodden but glorious paths to follow.

    1. OMG! Paul this is a wonderful blessing for me and mine! Thank you! Your appraisal of the Coyote is spot on.

      I wish you and yours a glorious 2019 as well!

      Do you have Coyotes in the Netherlands? What is the one wild animal you hope to see in your lifetime and photograph? Is there one? You photograph architecture, people, and landscapes…not so much wildlife. Any one animal in the wild you’d love to see and photograph? Asking for a friend. 😜

      1. We do not have coyotes in the wild in the Netherlands Deborah. I guess the wildest animal over here is wild boar. Oh wait! We recently are ‘invaded’ by wolfs coming from Germany. We need to implement regulations now, for the wolfs are feeding on sheep and farmers are, or course, upset about that. What wild animal would I love to photograph? I am not, as you noticed, much of a wild life photographer. I do have a strange preference for somewhat weird animals. I think I would love to have an Okapi for my lens or otherwise a Wildebeest. I’m not even joking :-). More realistic in my, as you know, very small and very densed populated country I would go for a male deer with full armourment, proudly guarding his realm.

  9. I love the idea of Whatever Wednesdays 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing all the random inspiration that comes your way!

    It sounds like 2019 is off to a great start for you and with the imminent arrival of little grandson, I think it’s going to be a wonderful year for you!

    1. From your lips to God’s ears! I really hope so. The last quarter of 2018 was really quite emotionally hard for me. There was a lot going on and a lot lost.

      We’re so excited about the new baby. Baby Girl asked if I could come for a week to help out! OMG! I’m so ready to go now!
      I feel like my life here on Earth is to make and teach my children, and when they’re not here I do busy work, photography, paint, piano, do housework, cook, bake…busy work. Teaching and nurturing my babies is where I’m at home.

      Unfortunately babies do not stay babies!
      That’s why I had babies you know. To have BABIES!
      He-Man and I are planning a life without them. We’re learning to do that. SLOWLY, but we’re learning!
      My children may yet regret not staying little cause we’re learning how to be on our own damn it!

  10. Great photo, Deborah. He’s a good looking beast. I like the idea of ‘whatever Wednesday’s’ snd I look forward to whatever you want to share whenever you want to share it.

    1. Thank you so much Belinda! This shot was great. You can imagine how many I have that the grasses and thistle are blocking both eyes that were deleted though I’m sure. Yep, I don’t have too many keepers of this one. Between looking at us, and my friends behind me and the prey in front of it it wasn’t easy getting clean image of the whole face. Each image that does show its whole face is a blessing and was worked for. I’m sure you get that!

  11. Hi Deborah, I like your idea of “Whatever Wednesdays!” Great photo of a coyote. Not my favorite animal as I lost a cat to a pack of them several years ago. Thanks for the update on baby girl. 😍

    1. Thank you so much Jill! Oh, yeah, I get it they probably would be low on list too if they’d attacked and killed my cat.
      Last month a pack of wild dogs attacked and killed my new Son-in- Law’s rabbit hutch and ate the rabbit! My Baby Girl was hysterical. She saw the whole thing and called for help. Thankfully the dogs were captured. I’ve never seen such a thing. Neither had she being a city girl!

      We’re still processing those emotions. Box the Guinea Pig will not be living outside since that happened thankfully!

  12. I love coyotes. They often get a bad rap (have you read Prodigal Summer by – my favorite fiction writer – Barbara Kingsolver?) and it’s too bad that more people don’t recognize their contribution to our natural web. You took a lovely picture that captures the animal’s strength and intelligence.

    Best wishes to your family as they welcome a new member!

  13. Beautiful capture!

    Deborah, may 2019 be a wonderful year, filled with joy and beautiful moments.

    Baby Girl and the little one are in our prayers. Being a grandparent is a unbelievable experience!

  14. Nice capture! I saw a similar shot by Anna so I’m guessing you guys got together for the NWR shoot. I got back on a midnight flight (left on the 3rd and arrived on the 4th) and will have to start shooting here again; got some interesting landscape shots while back in Hawaii. Great that your new year is starting off nicely; keep me posted on your impending move.

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