Wild Weds. 45/52 The Spanish Knight

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Hail, and well met Lords, and Ladies!  A few weeks ago I went to the NORCAL Renaissance Faire which is always a bawdy good time.

By my faith, one of the most spirited shows and one of me favorite shows is the Tournament of Champions where the Knights from 4 different countries compete.  They were: Sir William of England of course, France’s Knight, Spain’s Knight, and Scotland Knight.

I will showest thee a few likenesses of the Spanish Knight demonstrating his sword and javelin skills that I made with me Nikon Venetian box.

A strapping peacock aye?

The Spanish Knight_DMZ6481


The Spanish Knight


The Spanish Knight_DMZ6511

He didst compete very well!

I have more likenesses to share with ye soon, but now I bid thee farewell, and a good week, I must away! 😜


Nikon D810| Nikkor 300mm f/4| Hoodman STEEL Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…




28 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 45/52 The Spanish Knight

      1. I’m well. Went to Napa last Saturday to look for some Fall colors but not as much as the Eastern Sierras; missed that trip this fall season. Hoping to do some birding this year but the holidays are approaching quickly. The sunsets have been really colorful these past weeks; got some shots about 1.5 miles from my house but certainly missed some good ones.
        Hope you’re doing well; I see you’re keeping busy!

        1. The sunsets have been glorious up your way! I’m glad you managed to get out and photograph some.
          I missed Fall Color in the Eastern Sierras too this year.

          I’m so ready for birding! The rare Ruff found its way back here so I photographed recently, and went for a bird walk last week-end. I didn’t get one good shot of anything but a Blue Jay, but the walk/hike was nice.

          I’m hoping to get out to Merced soon. Perhaps this week-end if I’m not helping Baby Girl with final packing for her move. There’s not much left to do! If you’re free Sat. let me know!

  1. We went to one of these faires some years ago and both my husband and I thought it would be hokey, just going because our one daughter wanted to go and take a couple friends. It was so much fun. I enjoyed the jousting and the man who flew falcons the most!!


    1. The falconry is really fun. I enjoyed our guy and ladies too, though I didn’t get too many decent images this time round. The Jousting and Tournament of Champions are my favorite of the action shows, but I didn’t get to a good spot in time for this year’s jousting I was watching Manly Men in Tights which was in its final performance and I didn’t want to miss that. It’s pretty entertaining. Or was.

  2. I seeth thee w’re getting into the spirit of things, milady. I loved going to Renaissance faires.
    Tee-hee. I think that horse was flirting with you & your camera. That look in his eye. 😀
    Tallyho and bright blessings to thee.

    1. LOL! Oh, you’d be great and blend right in at the Ren Faire Teagan! When I was young I would dress up, but I don’t now because of the gear I’m hauling on my back when I go.

      Blessing to thee as well! xx

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