Wild Wednesday 43/52 The Circle of Life

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I’m behind reading and responding to blogs again, but this is my normal for most the year as I’d much rather be out and about with my camera than at home doing laundry,  mopping, and scrubbing doing housework.  Mind you, I like a clean and tidy house I just wish I wasn’t the one always responsible for doing it.  Just sayin. Why I set myself up for that is probably what Psychology majors study. I don’t want to go there I just wish He-Man and I worked out something very early on that he would do laundry, dishes, and house cleaning when I was away from home.  Funny, early on he didn’t see that coming in the future even though I love to travel and adventure.

Musings and rant over; I have been busy finishing the Maternity images for my friends with a pretty quick turn around time: Just two weeks! If I were a busy Portrait/ Event Photographer it might be a month or more before receiving your images from your event or session. Just so you know.  Retouching and editing aren’t as easy as one might think it is. Hair and skin tone are a major time suck! En mon avis.  Highlights, and Shadows…Oh vey!  Landscapes, birds, and the night sky are ever so much easier to develop than people! For me anyway!

With the parents to be permission, here are a few images that I made during the session.

Working titles-

I love you with my whole heart


Family Order


The Kiss


Not knowing how to do Maternity Portraits as a professional knowing this park and a few poses really helped to make the session I hope a success for all of us.  For me, it was challenging, and so much fun to shoot!

I put in my request to photograph their baby as a newborn. I hope that works out. I think that would be so much fun! I have props!

Next up I have Baby Girl’s “Save the Date/ Wedding Announcement images to develop, and she’s picking her wedding dress, and I am going to be there along with her best friends to see which dress she chooses this week-end.   Although she’s warned me I’m not to make one. Not one remark about the price of the dress or her tattoos.  I’ll hate both and be biting my tongue, but I will b/c it’s her life she’s over 18 and she has a dream dress in mind. I won’t say a word. I won’t say a word. That’s going to be my mantra all week!  A and H will be there to hold my hand and keep my tongue in my mouth in case I start to. 😉 Baby Girl is so clever!

My Mom and Step-Father were visiting and stayed with us for several days, but they are flying home to FL as I type this. It was lovely and too short seeing them.  They were busy visiting both sides of the family in two weeks. Their visit was especially nice on the heels of visiting them in FL.   Now for me, it’s time to develop Baby Girl’s images, and I went to the Renaissance Faire one day this past week-end and have those images to go through and develop too.

It’s been a wild week of Family, Fun, and Adventure.  I hope this post finds you well, and living the best life you can this week.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 85mm f/1.4D| Hoodman Digital Film| Natural Light| PS CC 2018

more to come…







58 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday 43/52 The Circle of Life

  1. Those are such lovely images Deborah!! Hopefully, you get to photograph their newborn as well! I prefer being outdoors and traveling to housework any day of the week! I hope that you love the dress and don’t have to bite your tongue. 🙂

  2. First time visiting, but I’ll be back.
    What wonderful photos.

    Since we retired I notice that the Husband is helping a lot more than he ever did.

  3. I’m way behind with blog following too Deborah. It’s spring and the garden has my priority. But loved this post and what a fantastic job you have done of the photos, clever you, loved the one with the shoes such a clever image…

  4. You may have found your niche here, Deborah! Your shots are thoughtful and cute, things new moms and dads like!
    About your washing dishes and cleaning, etc. – there’s nothing wrong with a new (or re-)negotiation of responsibilities – you’re right, when you are away from home, it’s only logical the other should pick up after him/herself and do his/her share of cleaning!

  5. It is hard to keep up with everything, isn’t it? I have been the same way and always behind on blogging. The maternity pictures are beautiful, and it looks like you take pictures like this all the time. You are so talented! I bet the newborn pictures will be awesome! I hope you get to take them!

  6. You’re so talented. I love the expectant couple with the light behind them. That’s sublime. I don’t know why, but I didn’t have any good photos taken during maternity — I likely felt I looked awful, as I often felt awful. I wonder if you could retouch feeling awful?
    By far, one of the times I cannot bite my tongue, just cannot hold back, is when my daughters try on unflattering dresses. Like, there’s clearly the one they look best in, but it’s the one they like the least, every single time. I don’t care how many people tell them, mommies, dressing attendant, sales clerks, other girls in the dressing room, “Oh that one!” NOPE. They will always choose the one that looks the worst and I die a lil, okay? It’ll be a much nicer time if you just tell her how beautiful she looks and nod and smile at her, and if you can do it — you’re a better mom than me 😉

  7. Lovely images Deborah, I did a wedding years ago in the days of 35mm that was fun, it was for people I knew so I didn’t make any profit. As for housework me and Mrs H share, garden as well, as long as I do the heavy stuff! When my daughter the Norfolk Lemming got tatts it didn’t bother me, it’s her life, the wife was shall we say less keen.

  8. Applesauce, Deborah. LOL, I hear you not saying a word all the way over here. 😉
    You did a fantastic job with these portraits. A lovely couple and a gorgeous setting. I love the one of the feet and little booties. Hugs on the wing.

      1. It’s a great talent to speak clearly without saying a word.
        (Of course, if she chooses a gown that you really just can’t keep quiet about… You could always suddenly proclaim that you will re-affirm your wedding vows and buy a duplicate of the “gorgeous” gown… Maybe she won’t want Mom to be her twin. Evil aren’t I?)

  9. Ah, housework – always a hot topic. When I was working and bringing in the bacon, I had someone clean once a week. It was heaven. Now, I really like a tidy house but make choices just like you – cleaning or passions. 🙂 I love all three shots you shared of the beautiful couple and their expected bundle of joy, but the one with the bridge in the background just stopped me in my tracks. That is one gorgeous shot. Hope we get to see the baby. Now, colorful tattoos and white wedding dresses require patience, a big smile on the face, no comment for sure, and maybe ‘binge’ watching of “Say Yes to the Dress.”. 🙂 That was a great comment. I wish you luck. 🙂

    1. The dishes, laundry, and dust will always be waiting for me. I just wish the little cleaning faires would come in once in awhile. 🙂 I was telling Melissa above in the comments I’ve only had a housekeeper twice for very short periods of time right after my children were born. It was a luxury, but not something I wanted to spend money on all the time. Passions and hobbies are expensive! 💲

      The image with them in front of the bridge is my favorite too. Definitely in my Top 3.

      John nearly made me choke when I read that comment. I’m still giggling thinking about it.

  10. Being a portrait photogrpher is tough but you did a good job with the expecting parents. I like the family order shot cause I’ve never seen that comp before.
    For your daughter’s dress, just get a pair of horse blinders so you can only see one way 😉
    Have fun with all of these events!

    1. LOL! Horse blinders is funny! I’ll take a pair with me in my mind. Thanks for that giggle, and thought!

      Thank you for the comment on the images, and the booties. They’re so cute!

      I hope we can get together to do some birding soon! It’s getting birdy out there. Say Hi to the Mrs. for me please.

  11. I have two friends who can afford to have their house cleaned for them, and oh, how I envy them! I have other friends who have deals with their husbands who do half of the work and I envy them, too! Oh well. What an exciting time for you. I really love the maternity photos you shared here. You have a real talent for this. Like you, I have to bite my tongue when it comes to tattoos on my son.

    1. I’ve only had a housekeeper twice for a month the first time after Big Baby Boy was born, and for 2 or 3 months after Baby Girl was born. She came out the window so my recovery was slower. It was nice then.

      He-Man and I divied up the chores rather traditionally. I do the inside house stuff, and he does the yards, cars, and handyman stuff. There are times when we both wish for a gardener or housekeeper, but it’s not an expense we want to sacrifice anything for.

      Thankfully both my children waited until they were 18 or older to get a tattoo. I don’t like them and they know it! They were perfect as they were.

      Thank you so much for the lovely comment on the photos. I appreciate it very much!

      1. I love how you put that! My son came through the window as well, and we also had a house cleaner come for a few weeks before my daughter was born as I had to be on bedrest for months. In theory, Paul does the outside and I the in, but in reality he works so many hours and has such health issues that I do most of in and out. Or else I just retreat to my studio and try to ignore it! 😀

        1. I’ve said since Baby Girl arrived she came through the window and Big Baby Boy arrived through the door. It sounded better, and was easier to explain to my then 8 year old son, and the phrase stuck.

          I’d retreat to the studio too! Unfortunately, we can’t stay in those retreats too long cause the chores just keep piling up.

  12. Those are wondeful pictures Deborah! I didn’t know of the existence of maternity portraits, but these people look so happy! I love the bright coloured skirt against the modest hues of the background. The photograph of the little baby boots/socks next the the parents to be shoes is sweet! Did you use a flash and a modifier?

    1. Maternity portraits have been a thing for awhile I guess. In my day I just had He-Man snap a few images of my belly and me. NO ONE but the immediate family will ever see those. 😉

      The couple picked late afternoon for their session so we had the best light for it. We shot in natural light, although I did take my speedlight, and umbrella in case it was needed for fill light, but I didn’t need it.

  13. Your talent continues to surprise me, Deborah, at least in the areas where it goes. Not only are these lovely shots, they’re (to me at least) unusual, especially that one with the baby booties. When our girls were growing up, my husband told them that if they got a tattoo or piercing other than the one in each ear, they were telling him they were old enough to pay rent. 🙂 One is thinking of getting a tattoo now, but as she’s on her own, it’s her decision, although one we hope she changes.

    I know what you mean about being behind on reading blogs. Not only do I want to be outside, I work three days a week, which really cuts into time to do anything. And there’s always that pesky house and yard work having to be done over and over.

    Speaking of that, I have to have some breakfast and get ready for work (and get some things done before work), so I’ll bid you farewell and pray that you have a wonderful day.


    1. Thank you so much Janet your so kind! The booties are so sweet I’m glad you like that image.

      Ours didn’t get tattoos until they were 18, but we hoped they would buck that trend. I was pretty upset about it when each got one or more.

      There’s always housework isn’t there! The cleaning faires never show up at my house unfortunately.

      I hope you have a lovely day too! xx

  14. Family, fun, and adventure is the best way to spend time – in any quantity 🙂

    Love the maternity photos. You do great work … although that doesn’t come as any surprise to me!!

    … and I know what you mean about hating tattoos on our children. There was a time #1 was afraid to let me see him without a shirt because he had gotten a tattoo without my knowledge. Now … not so much 😉

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I’m so glad you understand how I feel about the children’s tattoos. Mine didn’t show me for a long time either, but by the time Baby Girl grew up and got one she knew what to expect b/c she watched our reaction to her older brother’s tattoo. It wasn’t a happy one.

      1. I understand that people get tats for many different reasons but I personally just don’t get it. They are so EVERYWHERE now, there is absolutely nothing unique or special about it. Face it people – you’re just one more sheep in the crowd 🐑🐑🐑

        Whew. Off my soapbox now.

        … and I don’t care how ancient this comment makes me sound (baaaaaa!)

  15. Deborah, these photos are stunning! I’m always in awe of your abilities. You rock photography! I hear you on the housework front. I am the main star there as well. Hmmm. 🙄

  16. Beautiful images, Deborah. I understand the work involved, from listening to Faith describe it back when she was doing weddings and preggo photos. Getting the images back seemed to take forever, but she got them the way she wanted and everyone was happy. Good luck on the dress hunt.

    1. Oh WOW! Faith was doing weddings! That’s hard work just photographing it then the retouch on top of that. I think if I were to do this for a living if I couldn’t retouch an image in thirty minutes I’d hand it off to a professional retoucher.
      She’s probably got really good at it, and created lots of presets and actions to speed up her workflow. I would need to do that too.

      Thanks for the well wishes for the dress hunt, and for the lovely comment.

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