Wild Weds. 25/52 Family moments

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While out in the meadow observing the Wild Mustangs, and waiting for something to happen…because mostly all that horses do is eat! I happened to see this little family scene.

Family Unit

The horse on the far right wasn’t impressed so walked away and must have gestured or said something to the other adult because it started to get up…

Mare and Foal

Then I heard the rumble of horses hooves to my left and turned my camera to find it and saw this-

Get off my Dung Heap!

I missed what started it, but it was a mare, or a dung heap I’m guessing.  I learned a few things about Horse Behavior on this trip.  Stallions will fight over a pile of dung…their version of King of the Hill.

The Hazelnut brown horse chased the dark one all the way to the other side of the group.  Then all was calm again, and they went back to eating.

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm| SanDisk Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…

52 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 25/52 Family moments

  1. Those extra behavior things you learn with the wild…..lol sometimes quite comical! 🙂 Wonderful captures, what an exciting time to see unfolding! A big AWWWWW for the foal, how adorable! Wildlife mortality rates suck, don’t they?!!! 😢

  2. So it appears that the male of all species will argue or fight over shit. I would never have guessed that one 😏

    Great photos. I was going to say I liked the last one best with the horses in action, but the baby in the 2nd photo gets the prize 🙂

    1. I doubt I’ll ever be horse whisperer but just like knowing some of what birds do it helps to know what to look for so I’m in theory ready to take a photo when an opportunity comes up.

      Yes, I was very surprised to learn that the stallions fight over a pile of shit. But, now that you know it too you’ll be ready for possible fight scenes in the future. 😀

        1. I was talking to a friend who also lives up there about going up to meet him yesterday to photograph a ship that is in port, but had second thoughts when I thought about the crowds, and traffic that might be up there this week-end. Pride week-end! Getting into the city I didn’t think would be an issue, but getting home would be as that would be later in the day.
          Did you go see the parade? I tend to avoid the city for Fleet Week, Blue Angels, and Pride week-ends, and sports teams game days.

          1. It was a lovely Pride Day. I haven’t processed the photos yet, but the day had a different feeling to it. Each speaker reminded us that Pride didn’t start as a polite corporate sponsored parade on Market Street but as riots and nonstop demonstrations.

            1. It reminded me of an old-fashioned Carnival. There were kids, seniors, moms, dads, straights, gays, and people of every race and not a gun in sight. By recent GOP standards, it was immoral.

  3. Aww, I cannot help but smile at this family gathering.
    Now, I somehow think the male says, “What’s taking you so long to get up from your afternoon nap?”
    The female gets ticked off, gets up and chases him away so far she cannot nip his neck!
    Just liked your version and explanation, as well as John’s funny “take!” xo ❤️

  4. Huh.
    Who’da thunk it? Fighting over a dung hill. You’d think dung beetles… but horses? Fascinating!
    I really think horses are absolutely majestic, and each time you share them, I will be telling you so 🙂

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