Wild Weds. 13/52 Wild California Poppy

Copyright ©2018 Deborah M. Zajac.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

This is one of the first Poppies I saw in bloom this season. I spied it all alone while on a “stretching my legs” hike a few weeks ago.

It’s Easter on Sunday and I’ll be spending the day with family.  I hope you all have a lovely week-end, and a wonderful Easter if you celebrate it.

Nikon 810| Nikkor 105mm @f/5.6| San Disk Digital Film| Handheld

more to come…

44 thoughts on “Wild Weds. 13/52 Wild California Poppy

  1. Beautiful find and capture! I love poppies … they may be my very favorites. I am waiting to see if my poppies come up in my perennial garden. I purchased some Oriental Poppies and also grew some California Poppies from seed. Fingers crossed!

    1. Me John! I have a friend who moved up to WA state a few years ago who emailed me after seeing my image to say he never thought he’d miss orange poppies til he didn’t see them anymore. 🙂

  2. Beautiful, Deborah. This is a favorite color of spring. I only think of poppies in red, so this was particularly exciting. Welcome spring and Happy Easter!

  3. Beautiful poppy, Deborah! i’ll start celebrating Easter on Friday:): Wishing you a lovely Easter weekend!

  4. This was such a pretty colored poppy! Thank you for both the floral beauty and the wish for us.
    Hope you have a special Easter, hugs, candy, flowers and family! 🐤🐇

      1. My knowlegde of flowers is virtually non existant. When thinking of poppies I imagine the wild roadside flowers that indeed mostly are red. After googling a bit I learn poppies are also cultivated and come in a large variety of colours! I suppose we might very well have those cultivated poppies over here, but yes, I did mean the red ones 🙂

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