Wild Wednesday 1/52 Here Kitty, Kitty!

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A Bobcat image…Finally!  I went birding with my friend Dali on the 30th of December which would be my last birding adventure for 2017.  We went to an area not too far from home that we hadn’t been to in a year.  While on the way out of the area and headed to lunch b/c the birds had gone quiet, and hunkered down well into the foliage out of sight Dali spotted this Bobcat.

I was so excited and had been looking for one or it when we went through this area coming in, because way back in the winter of 2011 Dali and I saw a Bobcat here, and it was right in my sights, but I missed the shot because my lens then was the 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 which was slow and would hunt in poor light. My lens just would not find focus, and by the time I switched to manual focus all I managed to get were blurry butt shots of the retreating Bobcat.  It was then I decided I had to move up to the 300mm f/4 prime lens.  Missed shots like this due to a hunting lens was unacceptable! Needless to say, every time I’ve birded this area since I’ve looked for the, or a Bobcat sans success…that is, until the 30th of December 2017.  6 years of hoping to see a Bobcat again in this area!

This Bobcat just like that day in 2011 was under the canopy of Oak trees and well shaded but, unlike that day my kit today is the 200-500mm lens, and the formidable D810 camera which together were able to attain focus so, I was able to fire off 4 shots before the Bobcat got behind the foliage and out of sight.  However all was not perfect…all four images were metered for a brighter environment so, they were all under exposed.  I didn’t delete them. Actually, I never delete “in camera” for fear of corrupting my card. I hoped I would be able to bring up the exposure enough in Photoshop and save the images especially since the Bobcat did turn and look at me for two of those four shots!

If I haven’t told you before how much I like Photoshop let me tell you now. I LIKE PHOTOSHOP! I was able bring back nearly two stops of light, and with some noise reduction have a “keeper” instead of having to delete the images again.

Was this the very same Bobcat? Probably not, but maybe its offspring. 🙂  Either way I’m a very happy camper with this shot, and my last birding excursion of 2017. Oh yes,  we did see birds. Lots of Hawks, Sparrows, and a Says Phoebe are the most notable birds, but the highlight for me was long awaited re sighting of the Bobcat.  I sure hope that bodes well for a stellar 2018 wildlife/birding year.

Here’s a link about the North American Bobcat from the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History.

Oh, three more things; 1)  you may have noticed I have changed my blog theme, and hope you’re all able to view and read my posts sans problemes. My old theme was no longer supported, and I was having some issues with it for sometime.  Then I created a “sticky” post back in week 41 of 2017 and couldn’t figure out how I did it or undo that until week 51 or so when I had given up trying to fix that and tried new themes.  For now this is the theme I’m rollin’ with. Let me know in the comments if it’s working for you please.

2) while driving home from Baby Girl’s this evening I decided on my Project 52 theme for this year. Yes, I’m going to do another one.  It motivates me, and gets me out of the house with my favorite tool…my camera.  This year’s theme I’m calling Wild Wednesday.  I have plenty of wildlife images marinating in my archives in case I get stuck indoors, but I plan to get out to make many more new images, and not all things wild are animals. 🙂

3) My Header: It’s an image I made back on Jan. 1, 2011 of Stoneman Bridge in Yosemite National Park.  That was a stellar Photography Trip with Dear Friends Dali, Alex, and Theresa.  We’re way overdue for another Annual New Year’s Trip.  Just sayin. 🙂

I raise my glass and toast; Here’s to a good photographic year! 🙂

Nikon D810| Nikkor 200-500mm @f/8|ISO 1000| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 2018

more to come…



58 thoughts on “Wild Wednesday 1/52 Here Kitty, Kitty!

    1. 🙂 Beware! There’s never enough time, or long enough lens, or money to travel to the places you want to go to see the wildlife! But, when you’re there where it is…oh, it’s so wonderful! So amazing!

      There are worse things in life. I hope you achieve your goal to be a wildlife photographer Amal!

      1. Thank you💕💕
        I will reach where m supposed to, for thats what written in our fate,
        Even though it may take time and i may not understand whats goin on,
        For that is the path that i need to follw.
        Anef the same goes t’yo every1😇😇✌

  1. Congrats on finally getting your bobcat shot! Well done! I’m sure you’re going to have a stellar year with your talent in nature photography.

  2. Well, finally remembered to check out your blog site and “follow you” by email; I get your TD responses so I thought everything was good but guess not. So, this is Bob The Cat 🙂 nice backstory and I liked the recovered image (face lighting was very good for the comp). I probably wouldn’t know the difference between a bobcat and feral cat but I think the lack of a tail would be the big hint. Glad you got the pic for your collection with the better equip!
    I’m hoping we get a fox on our next adventure!

  3. How exciting that you were able to capture the bobcat! I do love being able to fix underexposed photographs. I always try to see if a capture is salvageable before ruling it out. I’m looking for to seeing what’s in store for Wild Wednesday! Cheers to your toast! I’m looking forward to a good photographic year. 🙂

  4. Have been so many times over this bridge …. in summer. I finally recognized it when I read your description! Who would guess this was in California:)
    Can imagine your battle with the lenses. I don’t even try, and use the Raw and night setting the most:):)

  5. Always such a pleasure to visit your blog, but this bobcat is a real treat! You know what they say about good things coming to those who wait — your six years paid off! I rarely get any good shots of our local wildlife, even though I see them EVERY DAY! I mean, not the deer or raccoon, but birds and squirrels and bunnies– every day and rarely a good shot! I’ve come to suspect they know when I don’t have my phone and they taunt me! lol
    I do prefer this theme, and I’m still gaga over the header photo 🙂

  6. What a great photo!! I love the way he’s looking back at you!
    … and I especially like the story that went with it. Six years is a long time to wait to get a do-over, but your persistence paid off. That was a nice way to end the year. I hope you get more opportunities to snap this cutie.

    I also learned something new about camera lenses. It would never have occurred to me that some lenses are slow in focusing. When I eventually buy a new lenses, I’ll have to keep this in mind.

    1. Thank you so much Joanne! I think it’s eyes are so pretty.

      Faster lenses or “pro” grade are much better in quality, and performance. I’ve had to save longer to get them, but it was worth the wait.

  7. What a great shot Deb! Well worth the six year wait…even with the editing! Blog’s looking good too…here’s to a wonderful 1/52 of Wild Wednesdays….looking forward to seeing them all…Happy Holidays!

  8. The whole blog looks professional and the bridge is one of my favorite types of photographs. They may lead to who knows where. . .
    The bobcat is beautiful in his appearance and seems younger than ones I see in the news sometimes.
    So glad you have improved your equipment, but I honestly could not take some of your fabulous photos. Your “playing” with the drops and pretty colors sometime last year fascinated me, Deborah. 🎖
    Another favorite of mine was the memorable sunrise which looked like lava on the cliff. 🏆

  9. I LOVE your Wednesday theme!! 🙌 I might have to come up with a wild AND weird bird one of these days…😉 hehe! Your photo of your Bobcat is awesome too! And I like your new blog format. Especially like the bridge photo!! ❤️ I need to tidy up my blog but not my favorite thing to do so I keep procrastinating. 🤓

    1. Oh you’d have such wild birds to go with your weird birds theme. I’m looking forward to the wild birds theme already! DO IT! 🙂

      Change isn’t easy once you get all comfy with the controls, and how things work, but I needed to do this. I’m so glad it’s being well received.

      Thank you so much for the comments and support Jill! I appreciate it very much.
      Hope you are feeling much better today. You sound better with your words if I’m hearing you correctly through this computer. 🙂

      1. Thank you for your enthusiasm on my wild and weird birds, Deborah! 🐦👍 I am feeling better. Thank you. Hope to take tomorrow off from work to sleep and create art, hoorah!!

  10. Great shot, Deborah, love the look he gave back at you! Nice theme too. One of my resolutions is to change my theme also, it’s no longer supported either. I haven’t begun ‘the search’, need to get on it. Or may give yours a try!

    1. Thank you so much Donna! I am so excited that it looked back at me! It could have just kept on going into the foliage.

      This theme says it’s for photographers so it would be a good for you to try. Changing seems so daunting, but once I made the decision to start trying some new ones on for size I was committed to the change. Of course it helped that I was having a problem…one of my own making, but it gave me the push I needed. 🙂

  11. That’s awesome Deborah. Iakways have trouble with my 300 lens in low light. Moon shots take me ren minutes to get right in manual mode. Thank goodness she doesn’t run away. But now and then I’d like the cliyds to be just right…
    Deer are on my current wish list. Congrars on the Bobcat.

  12. This is a wonderful photo, Deborah. I’m glad your persistence finally paid off. He almost looks like he’s saying “you again…”

    I like the new theme, it’s easy on the eyes. I just checked, and it looks very good on my phone (where I often read blogs).

    I want to thank you for mentioning: “I never delete “in camera” for fear of corrupting my card” – That is a very good idea. Given the lower prices of the cards these days, I just keep them as a secondary backup after they are full.

    I look forward to seeing these posts during the year.

    1. Thank you so much for the feedback on the new blog theme Dan! I’m glad you like it and find it easier to read. I like the larger font size. 🙂

      I deleted in camera way back when I first switched from film to digital and corrupted a card. Since then I don’t delete in camera. I upload to the computer from the camera to the computer then reformat my card “in camera”. Knock on wood…so far so good. 🙂

      Thank you for reminding me! I need to purchase some new cards, and another spare battery while I’m at it. I need to stock up for a trip this summer. I won’t have a laptop, or means of backing up my images so plan on taking a card or two a day. I’m not sure I’ll be able to recharge my batteries either so I’m taking plenty of those too.

  13. Deborah, I love everything about this: the header photo, the “recovered” shot of the bobcat, and the new theme, which is SO much cleaner and easier to read than the old one. It will showcase your photos much better. It was a long wait for the bobcat shot, but worth it. I think about getting Lightroom, but as I’m not really a pro photographer, I’ve never done so. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much for the feedback Janet! I’m glad you like the new blog theme, and Bobcat!

      I started with Photoshop way back at Photoshop Elements 4. The learning curve is steep, and I’ve just kept growing with it. rather than spend a lot of time learning another program. I switched to the pro version; the Suite about a year after I switched from film to Digital and shooting in RAW format. I wanted to be able to have all the data my camera captured to work with when developing my images in Photoshop. For a long time I resisted getting on the subscription plan, but once I made the switch I was glad I did. I’m always up to date, and knock on wood it hasn’t ever acted up or gone wonky like the stand-alone program sometimes would do.

      If it ain’t broke don’t fix it right? You’ve got your workflow working for you, but if you’re shooting RAW need/want a good program for working with all that data to bring out all that goodness in your images the Photographer package with Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99 a month is a good one.
      On 1 is another program I’d look at. I have that one too, but didn’t upgrade to the RAW developer module since I have both LR and PS. On 1 isn’t a subscription based program either. But, it’s nice to know there are other programs out there. if I ever want to change completely.

    1. Thank you so much Judy! You gave me the push to have that Header printed. I ordered a print, mat, and frame. I’m hoping it looks outstanding.

      Getting off Auto isn’t too hard if you’re determined to do so. There’s a book I recommend that I found so wonderfully helpful for getting control of my camera is this one.

      Understanding Exposure 3rd edition. There’s a newer version, but I like this version of the book. Follow along doing the recommended exercises he gives you for each chapter in the book and you’ll soon have control of the camera in Manual Mode, and understand your lenses better too.
      You’ll need your camera’s manual too, so you’ll be able to get in the menus, and understand it’s controls.

      YouTube may have tutorials on your camera’s menus and how to get off Auto.

      If you have any specific question I might be able to help with give me a shout!

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