Dawn over the 13th Fairway

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I have news.  After a little over a year of looking for a house in Nevada with a view toward moving there when He-man retires we finally found one we liked enough to make an offer on.  There was a little counter offer negotiation which we all agreed to, so the offer was accepted. We started Escrow, inspections were done,  some minor repairs were needed,  negotiation over repairs were made and agreed to, and we closed on September 27th late in the day!

Our house’s backyard overlooks the 13th fairway of a golf course. I’ve read it’s Par 5 and Par 4. I think that depends on which tee you tee off of. This tee is a set up shot for the 14th tee which is supposed to be where the fun really begins on this course.  Neither He-Man or I golf, but we’ve enjoyed watching those that come by to play.

The main attraction for us besides the house with its nice layout, features, and location is the view. I really wanted a house with a great view for our retirement home so, as we get old-old;  as in the powers at be will have taken away our driver’s licenses and we are less active we will have lovely views of sunrise, sunsets, the night sky, and have a flat street to take a daily walk on.  I hope  I can still lift my camera to my eye and see through the viewfinder then!  This house checked all our boxes.  The house is only 3 yrs old, so it didn’t need a lot in repairs, and those it did need aren’t what would be considered major.  It’s a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house and 2,031 sq. ft.  It’s a little bit bigger than our house here, but it doesn’t have a separate living room, or 4th bedroom like our current house, so it feels like we’re downsizing.

We gain a walk-in closet in the master bedroom, but I do wish it had a reach-in too just for He-Man. I could easily fill the walk-in with all my clothes! He-Man has his own closet now. I’d like to keep it that way. There’s an in the house laundry room; my laundry stuff is in the garage now,  double sinks in the Master bath, loads of cabinet space in the kitchen, and bathrooms,  a deep bathtub with whirlpool jets in the Master bath, and a view that I don’t think I’ll tire of. EVER!

I’ve been relying on the Realtor’s images of the house so, haven’t taken any of my own! Now, I’m kickin myself for that.  I didn’t even take a picture of the front door. (hangs head in shame) 😦

Naturally, the days we were there to close the loan, and finish up minor repairs the sky was clear, but Friday morning we got some clouds and a pretty Dawn. This is the view from the backyard patio. Actually that’s all it is to the backyard. Just a slab of cement making a patio.  It really is all about the view on this side of the street.

The valley is flanked by the Pinenut Mountains on the East, and The Sierra Nevada Range on the West. The Carson River meanders through this valley though you can’t see it from here.  I have a few more images from this patio I’ll be sharing.

Our plan is to rent it out for a year or two then make the move over. Getting the house is Step One. We’re undecided if we’ll sell our house here or rent it out for a bit. I guess we’ll decide after we find out if we can handle being Landlords. It’s our first time being one.  We hope it’s a positive experience.

When we left the house Friday knowing the Property Mgr is in control now to find a tenant we were very sad. Neither of us wanted to leave and come back to California.  That’s what’s new with me.  What’s new with you? What have I missed in the week I’ve been out of touch?

I’m a few days behind with reading your blogs, but I’ll catch up!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Nikon D810| Nikkor 20mm f/1.8G| San Disk Digital Film| PS CC 2017

more to come…



48 thoughts on “Dawn over the 13th Fairway

  1. Congratulations Deborah, that is awesome! Hopefully your experience being a landlord will be positive. I bet you are excited, only a year or 2 away! I am with you, the view is amazing, but you must get a picture of the door..ha ha!

    1. Thank you Camie! I did find I did make an image of the inside of the front door, and I have taken a photo of the house so I guess the outside of the door too, but I don’t think they’re really “feature” door images. Next trip over to the house I’ll have to see about remedying that. 🙂

  2. I’m so happy for you. The view is amazing and the house sounds great. We’ve rented houses out in the past and the only time we had a problem was the one time we didn’t use a property manager.

    1. Thank you Jean! Being “greenies” to world of renting out property we thought we’d be much better prepared/armed if we had experience behind us. Your comment makes me feel ever so much better!

      Thank you so much Jean!

  3. Oh my goodness! Pardon my Midwestern perspective, but I was like, “A golf course? You wanna look at a golf course?” LOL Because, Deborah, no golf course view here looks like that! 😉 Niiiiice! That’s a WOWER of a view! I can see the appeal, completely!
    Congratulations! 😀

    1. Oh Joey, I’m so excited about that view. For more than 30 yrs I’ve had a view of the backyard fence, my neighbor’s roof tops, oh and the wires from the telephone poles that run through our back space wrecking what little sky I can see. 😦 I’ve been craving a view for so, so long.
      There are so many stars in the sky there! I didn’t have a Moonless night while there, but am looking forward to that.
      And, one morning I saw mist rising from the River out in the valley. I hope that comes out in the photo I took. I am imagining how wonderful it all looks in the winter with snow on the ground, and mountains.

      1. It’s majestic, and obviously worth the wait and the wires and the rooftops!
        You’re gonna get so many tranquil moments and beautiful photos!

  4. From the way you’re writing, it was worth all the trips you made to look for the house!! It’s many square footage for a 3 bedroom. Smart, you don’t have to upkeep a yard this way, haha. Happy for you and your hubby Deborah! Congrats!

    1. Thank you Jesh! Yes, there’s hardly any maintenance required in the back yard, but there is a small lawn, and some bushes in the front that will need upkeep, and mowing. We think mowing every two weeks Spring through Fall should do it, and hardly any maintenance in the Winter.

  5. This is an amazing step towards your future life! Wow, Deborah!
    I am very happy you found your retirement home in a beautiful place with a wondrous view!
    Ooh, so excited about your large walk-in closet. I hope you may find a large armoire with two large doors and a rod to hang up He-Man’s clothes. Maybe, he will be like my Dad, who mainly used drawers in his retirement putting all but three permanent press shirts in a Goodwill box. Hanging those shirts, his pressed pants on wooden hangers, plus some polo shirts in an armoire worked out well for him. . . 😊 😀

    1. Thank you so much Robin! I’m ready to start yesterday, but we can’t just yet. 😦
      He-Man hasn’t had to wear a suit, or tie to work in decades, but he does wear Polo shirts a lot. I think he’ll need a good sized closet. still. I didn’t think he’d fill up the closet we had made for him in our remodel but he did!
      There’s a little alcove in the Master bedroom that I have my eye on to make into a closet for him. 🙂 It’s got outlets for T.V. stuff, but we haven’t kept a T.V. in our bedroom since we bought this house when I was 25 yrs old! I don’t see us changing that. But, I’m learning never say “never”. Things do change. 🙂

      1. Aww, I’m happy for you and you both will figure this out! It isn’t as big a deal as the beauty and happiness looking forward.
        I haven’t liked the idea of a television in bedroom either. Books and snuggles are warm and special without entertainment on TV. hugs xo

  6. What a glorious view, although this morning, Nevada is in our hearts, minds, and prayers for a very different reason. I pray all goes well for you in this new venture. Exciting times!


  7. Congratulations! A beautiful view and a clear night sky sound like wonderful attributes for a retirement home. I’m sure you’ll be able to life that camera for a good long time when you look out onto that scene. I will point out that, when women complain that their husband always wears the same three things, it’s because his clothes are hanging in what was deigned to be a linen closet.

    I hope being a landlord doesn’t drive you crazy. Just keep telling yourself how much you’re going to enjoy that view, that road, that sky.

    1. Thanks Dan! He-Man must be the exception then b/c he has a large two door reach-in closet and a tall chest of drawers for all his clothes. He’s not even close to being a clothes horse! That just supports work clothes, casual clothes, and his sports/workout clothes.

      We hired a property manager; a skilled one who is experienced with all things that Landlord’s deal with hoping that keeps any craziness at bay. 🙂

      Yes, that view, lower taxes, and less people are what we’re thinking about now. 🙂

  8. Look at those clouds!! Yes, I agree that’s a view that will satisfy for a very long time!
    Congratulations on the new home. It sounds lovely and yes, shame on you for not taking more pictures 🙂 I can, however, understand you were a bit distracted.

    You are now one step ahead of me. I gave Gilles another we-need-to-move nudge yesterday. I can’t tell yet whether he’s buying into the idea or just humouring me :/

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