Wild Berry Blossom Redeux

Copyright © Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

While I was at home all week-end chillin I decided to have some fun with an image and a couple of my iPhone apps.

The image itself is a wild berry blossom that I photographed in late April while out birding.

Wild berry blossom Spring

At the beginning of this month I emailed myself a copy of the image to get it on my iPhone 7+, and yesterday had a play with two of my apps.

First I distorted the image using the app Tiny Planet, then I added a couple of Textures using the app Distressed FX

Cultivated Flowers

I really like look the Textures added to the image. It looks more artistic don’t you think? Do you have a preference of one over the other?  I’m really having fun with the creative opportunities these two apps have opened up to me.

Just to let you know I’m not affiliated with either of these app companies. I bought them both with my own money, and they don’t give me anything for mentioning or using their products.  I’m just sharing the links in case you’re interested in checking them out yourself.

Oh, I used Snapseed to put on my Copyright watermark on the bottom image. I’m not affiliated with that company either. 

Thank you all for your thoughts, and lovely wishes for me and my family to get well soon.  Thankfully, we’re all over the bug, and hope it doesn’t return anytime soon!

I hope you all have a lovely week!

Nikon D700| iPhone 7 Plus| Hoodman Digital Film| PS CC 207| Tiny Planet app| Distressed FX app

more to come…




33 thoughts on “Wild Berry Blossom Redeux

          1. Thank you, Deborah! It was a very nice weekend! I gave restaurant gift cards to son and soon to be son in law. I printed 700 photos and picked up at Walgreens, so chose a few with father-son and soon to be stepfather-son pictures with one nice 4×6 frame for each. Sunday was spent with one grandson, Micah at the pool. Relaxing! 🌅 xo

  1. I do like the texture. I only recently learned how to get that blur in the background and of course, you do it fabulously. The way you played with it, it became like a painting, don’t you think? Very dramatic!
    And I’m glad you’re all feeling better 🙂 I hope you have a grand week!

  2. It’s so interesting what apps can do with photos. I hadn’t seen these particular apps in action before. They do create a very artsy vibe. I hadn’t even paid attention to the fact that Snapseed had added text. That will save me a step! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Amy!

      I don’t use Snapseed that much, but I wanted my copyright on my image and remembered it has a text feature. That came in handy. I haven’t mastered placement as you can tell by how crooked it is. 🙂

      1. I use a watermark app that I had before Snapseed added it, but saving the step or reopening the file there would be helpful. Although I plan to add Lightroom before the summer is out, so I will be doing less editing on my phone. 🙂

  3. Cool effects; guess your tech toys can keep you busy creatin to infinity 😉 Billee and I missed you at Matanzas and the clouds treated us to some dramatic images (I shot mostly HDR since the lighting was high in the sky); and wouldn’t you know it? It stormed up there yesterday so we miseed the hail, thunder & lightning and rain (might have made some great images to shoot lighning strikes. Hope you recovered from your bug.

    1. Thank you Gordon!

      I missed you and Billee too. I wish I felt good enough to go, but I made the right choice to back out.

      Oh dramatic skies, and lightening! I can’t wait to see your and Billee’s images. I’ve been looking at the Meet-Up photo album and don’t see anything from either of you yet, but I know you have good images coming.
      Did you do any wine tasting? Where did you stop for lunch? Did you leave the winery and venture to other places?

      1. At noon, Billee and I left the winery and I had 2 GPS on leading us in the wrong direction to Luther Burbank’s home and garden. We passed some small places and finally turned into a town and found some restaurants. Black Bear Diner was something we knew so we stopped and ate lunch there; as we left it said Sonoma Black Bear Diner (don’t know if was the county as we were suppossed to be headed to Santa Rosa). Got the GPS fired up and it led us to LB’s home.

        1. I’m so glad you found it. What an adventure!

          Black Bear Diner is a good choice if no Mom and Pop is around that looks good. Usually everyone can find something they like at BBD, and hey, DESSERT! 🙂

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