Whaling good time!

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I went Whale watching yesterday and saw quite a few Humpback whales in the Monterey Bay.  I sailed out of Santa Cruz with the Stagnaro’s boat crew on the Legacy.

Here she is with some of the crew prepping her for our trip.

The Legacy_IMG_6818

We sailed out about 2 miles into Moneterey Bay where their sister ship Velocity was already spotting whales.

We saw several flukes and spouts of breath, and heard them too! A couple of times the whales were so close to the ship I couldn’t focus on them!

Hump Back Fluke_DMZ8019

The Monterey Bay is a popular place for whales of several species to feed because there’s plenty of food there.   I talked about the Submarine Canyon before in this post from a Whale watching trip last year here .

I didn’t see any Breaching or lunge feeding this time, but I was thrilled to see the spouting or blowing, and their flukes above the water.

2 Humpback Whales This was the second time I’d been whale watching with this company. It had been 5 yrs since I went out with them. I recommend them highly.

I have more images to share, and to tell you about an exciting sighting I saw on Saturday  which was a Leucistic Hummingbird which I’ll be sharing with you later this week.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Nikon D700| Nikkor 80-200mm + Tamron 1.4TC| Hoodman STEEL Digital Film| PS CC 2017

More to come…

40 thoughts on “Whaling good time!

    1. It was fun! I hope to be able to go again one day. I hope you’re able to scratch this off your Bucket List!

      If your list is anything like mine it just keeps getting longer rather than shorter. There’s so much I want to see and do!

  1. I had to go back one week to play catch up on my friend, Deborah’s photographs with posts.
    The whale’s tail, “fluke,” captures were enchanting. I felt like it was a mermaid’s tail flicking; only it was a real live mammal’s tail! hugs xo
    Onward to the other fantastic posts I missed since last week!

    1. Thank you so much Robin! When I’m out about over the week-end I don’t spend much time on the computer so I get really behind with blogs I follow. I’m still playing catch up from the week-end!

  2. Wow! a 14 hour nap. Maybe I’d better get myself some of that stuff~I haven’t slept in several days and am getting a bit wrung out.
    But BESIDES that, wow, what a wonderful experience! I recall getting to go out whale watching as a child, before we moved away from CA. (boo hoo!) I was awestruck as well, and have never forgotten it. I’m so glad you get to go periodically.

    1. Me too!

      Oh dear, I hope you’re able to sleep. Perhaps some melatonin supplements before bed is something you should look into? When insomnia rears its ugly head my way I add that back to my supplements.

      1. I looked into that some years ago but it is dangerous for a bipolar to take it; something about our metabolism. Over the years I’ve learned that these bouts eventually pass if I stay relaxed about it. I hadn’t heard that dramamine causes sleepiness, though. Interesting.

        1. Oh gosh! I never thought of it as being dangerous, although I do know to check to make sure nothing is at odds with any other meds you might be taking.

          I hope waiting it out til exhaustion sets in doesn’t take too long! I get so fuzzy headed when I haven’t had enough sleep followed by Grumpy. 🙂

          Hoping you’re staying relaxed and get some rest this week! xx

    1. Oh wow to be in the water with them would be amazing!

      I got seasick with the Blue Ocean company last year b/c the captain was spinning the boat. I can’t do spins. I can do swells, and up and down all day long, but not spins. So I went back to Stagnaro’s company this year. They didn’t spin the boat the first time I went out with them so I thought they’d be a better fit for me. Plus I took Dramamine just in case.
      As I thought. The captain did not spin the boat. I didn’t get sick, but the Dramamine made me so sleepy despite getting non drowsy. I came home and went to bed and slept for 14 hours. I haven’t slept like that since hitting my mid 30’s. 🙂

  3. You’re good! I’ve never been able to actually capture a whale at the surface. I have lots of photos of water where I’ve missed the whale completely.

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