Wordless Wednesday 10/52 A Pink Spring

Copyright ©2017 Deborah M. Zajac. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

Flowering Plum Tree Blossoms

Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum

Flowering Plum

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Canon 500D Close Up lens| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2017, Nik Suite, On1

More to come…

71 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday 10/52 A Pink Spring

        1. Oh, a new puppy! Will there be a photo soon on the blog? Are you posting on Instagram its puppy antics? 🙂

          I’m so glad you had a lovely Mother’s Day. I had the morning with my Daughter and Grandson, Big Baby Boy lives in So. CAL. I had Facetime with him on the phone.
          Then Daughter, and GS went out for the day so I had a lovely quiet day with He-Man.

          1. That sounds lovely.
            Yes, my life has been entirely taken over by this little cutie currently trying to eat my computer! I must get some pictures uploaded so I can post them here.

  1. These are exquisite examples of cherry blossoms. I like the pristine and clear photographs which still have an artistic “flair” to them, Deborah.

      1. You’re welcome, Deborah. I have a tea cup with such delicate painted blossoms. It reminds me of Asian art prints with bamboo and cherry blossom branches. A tiny bird perched or a crane in the painting. . .

          1. Maybe I will take a picture once I get some little flowers to put in water in it. My teacups have chips in then from my own two daughters while young and my grandies, too. Something my Mom emphasized about allowing us to play with “real” stuff. 🙂

            1. I am with your Mom! Use your things, enjoy them, and repurpose the things that you can and toss what you can’t.
              Why let them collect dust or be moth food?

              I embroidered a set of placemats for my Mother-in-Law many, many years ago now. She never used them! She said they were too pretty, and I worked so hard on them she didn’t want to have them get stained or ruined. I loved the thought, but wished she had used them! They sat in a draw never used, and I imagine if they were any good donated or if moth eaten tossed when she moved to an assisted living apartment.
              I wish she had used them for afternoon coffee, or breakfast or something! 🙂

              I use my things!

            2. Deborah, it is sad that you took the time to embroider something nice for your mother in law and she showed your time respectfully, by preserving them rather than using them. They could have been used as centerpieces with salt and pepper shakers, sugar and creamer set upon them.

  2. Beautiful captures Deborah! But all I could think was, oh yum, I like a plum:)
    Is your display of the National Parks below new? Can’t remember having it seen before! Stunning!

    Before I forget, a visit to Solving needs to wait for us, since we are still “in construction” (meaning buying materials for the studio to make it livable enough to also paint in winter) so we are kind of broke:) But your idea was nice, and there would be plenty of doors for an excursion!

    1. Thank you so much Jesh!

      I’m not sure if WP doesn’t randomly pick an Album from my flickr albums to share down there. I’m so glad you found it and liked it!

      Sorry about Solvang, but having a livable studio for you will be wonderful when complete.

  3. Oh my goodness, these are so precious. That said, I hope we don’t see them here for quite some time. Single-digits are back in the forecast. I will happily enjoy the beauty that lies in “…more to come.”

        1. It is! I’m so excited about longer days, and warmer nights. 🙂

          Thanks Sarah!

          P.S. I love the traditional spelling of your name. I love it so much I gave my daughter this name as one of her middle names. 🙂

          1. Oh yes! No more sleeping with the heating staying on! Hurray! 😄
            Thank you 😄 How wonderful to know your daughter shares my name 😄 Whenever I see it written without an “h” at the and, I slightly wince 😉

  4. I swear a flowery aroma has reached me so beautifully have you captured these blossoms, Deborah 🙂

      1. Now you mention it, yes. I wasn’t sure if I’d over indulged at lunch but, no, that explains it. It was the joyful buzz of the bees 🙂

          1. Yes, it was the autocorrection’s fault, well pointed out, Sarah 🙂 The League of Gentlemen’s Royston Vasey stuff is dark but funny. Don’t watch it near the presence of law enforcement agencies. They’ll hear your giggling and may jump to the wrong conclusion 😉

          2. Sorry, Deborah, this message was supposed to go to Sarah, but for some reason… We were talking about heroin inducing giggles, I think I should try some. Yes WordPress, you’re sending me to the world of hard drugs! Give me blossoms every time 🙂

            1. ROFL!!! I’ll take the perfumed scent of said blossoms, the buzz of bees, and the high, and giggles that gives me, and not tempt Watson’s or LeStrade’s ire with Heroin too!

              Perhaps some smelling salts, and strong tea for LeStrade…poor fellow is a bit tired with only a few hours sleep, and no bed in sight for him for a good while yet.

            2. I’d not considered a narcotic aid for Lestrade but, well, like you say, Deborah, he’s been up since Monday, poor lad. 🙂 🙂

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