Raspberry & Cream II

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After shooting water drops and splashes last week-end I went back to some images I made back in 2014 of splashes that I made using milk and raspberries.

Here’s one that has been languishing on my hard-drive since Spring of 2014.

Raspberry & Cream II

Timing this was really hard, and I’ve been wanting to try it again.  I went through a whole package of raspberries during this shoot because after dropping them into the milk over, and over again they began absorbing the milk and sank rather than come back to the top to be part of the splash which is what I wanted to photograph.  Who knew!

I cleaned up the shadows a bit, and removed some far flung drops that were blurry in post development.

Nikon D700| AF Nikkor 105mm f/2.8D @ f20| 1/160sec| ISO 400| Manual Priority| Matrix Met| Tripod

Strobist- SB910 @ 1/25th pwr, camera right low front 75º angle, Triggered via Commander Mode in camera

More to come…

22 thoughts on “Raspberry & Cream II

  1. I tried this concept once. It worked completely by accident but to find the right combination of liquid, falling object (colour weight and size) is very hard to do. Though I’m sure this took a long time to get, and many many tries – it was worth it, Deborah. Stunning frame!

  2. I loved these shots and was so glad when you linked the 2014 post to the water droplet post. This new one is just as amazing. I love how the berry pops and the different element caused by milk not being clear. 🙂

      1. I had to catch up since last week and enjoyed your posts! Usually, I get a chance to read and comment over the weekend. I was in the hospital visiting my Mom who came down with pneumonia. Sadly, she didn’t seem able to fully rest and relax. No blogging but some special conversations ensued. Take it easy, be well, Deborah. 🙂

        1. I hope she’s doing better and the antibiotics are kicking in!
          I’ve been there and now totally understand how insidious and deadly pneumonia is. I had no idea why so many people succumbed to it prior to my own experience with it, and I was in my late 30’s! It was horrible. It was the week-end we were moving my son into his dorm for his first year of university out of state. I fell ill the first night. I was so, so sick. I hardly helped make his space nice and homey.
          Thankfully, on the way home we stopped for the night before pushing over the Sierras to get home. I woke up at 3 in morning barely able to breath and woke He-Man and told him I need to go to the hospital. He we’ll go when we get home. I said, ” I’ll die before we get there if we try to go home. I need to go now.”
          That woke him up. He called the hotel receptionist and ask for the nearest hospital and they gave him directions. I was admitted within minutes of the nurse giving me an evaluation, and put ICU within 30 minutes. He-Man told the Dr. he wanted to wait until we got home for me to go to our Dr. but the Dr. told him if we traveled over Donner Pass the pressure would have made my lungs explode and I would have died. He-Man said he was grateful for knowing I wasn’t being hysterical when I said I’d die before getting home.
          My youngest was starting jr. high and needed to be there on day one or be dropped for someone on the waiting list to get in so He-Man, and she left me there to get in at my insistence! It was a great school and I didn’t want her to lose her place b/c I was stuck in NV with pneumonia.
          4 days later I was allowed to go home.

          I have made to sure to get the flu and pneumonia shot ever since!

          I really hope your Mom is recovering!

          Don’t worry about answering blogs. Family is number one!

          Hugs xx

  3. I’ve heard some excuses for going through a package of raspberries….
    Great effort, Deborah 🙂 (the image not the excuse)

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