Trees and Foliage Abstract

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I was up north in Point Reyes National Seashore on Saturday photographing nature, while walking through a wooded section I stopped to photograph the trees. They were Birch I think; they had tall, on the thin side white trunks and lovely green foliage.

I always like to play around with Intentional Camera Movement when I happen upon a wooded area with nice trunks, and foliage.

Trees and Foliage Abstract

I find the technique works best with tall stalked flowers and trees. One lowers the shutter speed enough to cause blur then you intentionally move the camera/lens in an up or down motion to cause the blur. For this image my settings were f/13, ISO 400, 1/13s.

I moved my camera/lens from up to down fairly fast to create the blurred image.

The key is slowing down the shutter speed and drag the lens in an up or down motion to create the blur. It takes a bit a practice to get it, but with several tries one can usually attain a pleasing blur=ICM image.  You can create interesting affects zooming in and out, or shivering ever so slightly as well.

Here’s an image I made in 2014 with Agapanthus using the same technique.Agapantha Abstract

Nikon Df| 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015

More to come…


25 thoughts on “Trees and Foliage Abstract

  1. This is a fun technique and you have produced some excellent results here! I have mostly used vertical panning on trees … aspen and birch work well but you have inspired me to try it on flowers too.

  2. Shutter drag definitely gives a neat & artistic effect. After seeing how well yours was, I couldn’t help wondering how it would look if you used the same technique along with flash to initially freeze the subject. It works very well on subjects that are moving, but have not yet tried with static subjects.

    1. Thank you so much Jill! I’m not sure I’d know where to start painting either one!

      I’m not having a good day with paint. The Hybiscus I tried painting this afternoon is rubbish. 😦 Going back to the drawing board and starting over tomorrow.

      1. Some days are like this, Deborah! I understand your frustration!! 😁 It seems like when I envision something in my head, I get the most frustrated but when I start with little expectation, I am happier. Maybe this will help you? 😉 I also know that some times I think my art is not very good and others like it. Go figure! 😳 So I encourage you to post even when you don’t think it’s very good. We ALL need encouragement!! 😍

        1. Thank you very much Jill! I’m going to start over with it today. I will summon more patience and wait for the water to dry a bit before moving onto the next layer. Something I didn’t do yesterday. 🙂

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