Summer is…

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The Rodeo!

I spent the day at the San Benito County Rodeo yesterday. It was hot and dusty, but fun to watch.  I got there early to photograph the cowboys, and cowgirls getting ready for their events, and capture some candid moments, and some posed moments too.

Here are Miss San Benito Rodeo 2015 in red, and Miss San Benito Rodeo 2016 in pink . They were helping out with the Halter Horse competition.

Miss San Benito Rodeo 2015 & 2016

Before the Rodeo started the Horse handlers were driving the Buckin’ Bronco Horses to the staging area.

Bronco Horses

Cow roping

Cow Roping Rodeo

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm & Nikkor 80-200mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015.5

More to come…



18 thoughts on “Summer is…

  1. Great shots, Deborah! We attended our first West rodeo two weeks ago here in Williams AZ and have another one to go to this weekend. What fun indeed! I think I’ve got a hankering for a cowgirl hat and boots with spurs now!! 🙂

    1. Yeehaw! Hope you some boots at least! 🙂 I had a cowgirl hat, but gave it away and bought a hat with a wider brim and a strap so it stays on my head. 🙂

      Send or post photos of you in your cowgirl hat, boots, and spurs!

    1. Thank you Dan! The rodeo is really neat to watch. This Rodeo is small and only local farmers, and ranchers participate. It’s great to see them showing off their skills in riding, roping, and animal husbandry.

      The BBQ is pretty darn good too! The Tri-tip sandwich is my favorite.

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