Bewick’s Wren Pen & Wash

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It poured down rain all day Saturday foiling my birding plans so, I was really lazy all morning, then He-Man and I thought soup for dinner at our favorite Japanese restaurant would be good on such a cold, blustery, raining day which prompted me to shower, and get dressed.  Hours early, but I was motivated.  Feed me and I’ll follow you anywhere! 🙂

Then I spent a couple hours getting ready for our upcoming tax appointment. UGH! I’ll be glad when that’s over!

After that I thought what the heck I’ll try to draw a bird since I can’t go out birding.

I drew it in pencil then went over that with  Pigma Micron pens 03, and 01. The paper is Arches 140lb Hot Press watercolor paper. It’s a smoother less toothy paper which I find I

prefer more than the cold press paper which has a lot more texture. Then I added a wash using my Turner Watercolors.

I used my MimiK Kolinsky 12 round, and Robert Simmons Sapphire #8 round brushes.

Color mixing. I really need to find the box that has my book in it about color mixing!

I struggled with the gray.  I ended up opening a tube of black and mixing a bit with ultramarine blue, and turquoise to get the color I sort of wanted. It’s a bit darker than it should be in the neck area, but I’m learning!

Bewick's Wren Pen and Watercolor WashI wanted to use my own image as my muse, but my image was rather blah with very little color so, I went online to find a reference photo.  I’d like to thank photographer  Jacob S. Spendelow,  who’s image I found to use. The link to the reference image is here.

Nikon Df| Nikkor 28-105mm| Delkin Digital Film| PS CC 2015| Tripod

More to come…


23 thoughts on “Bewick’s Wren Pen & Wash

  1. So beautiful!!! 🙂 I love the softness and shades of your colours and your gentle touch with the pen. I’ve been thinking about trying a finer pen and I think you’ve just inspired me enough to get one. Then I’ll work on my gentle touch…

    1. Oh my gosh! You don’t know how often you inspire me! I can’t believe I’ve inspired you!

      The Sakura Pigma Micron set of 3 pens that I found on Amazon are lovely, and waterproof.
      I love this set of 5, 3, and 1 point pens. It suits me now.

      Honestly, I think this work, and my Hermit Thrust are my best bird pieces to date.
      Here I am in my 50’s and finally all the classes, tutorials, books, and practice since I was in grade school are beginning to come together. You know if I live long enough I just might paint something good. And by that I mean the work is done without any hitches at all; I actually paint it just the way my mind’s eye sees it without a second thought, tutorial,or guide book right next to me. 🙂
      That’s my dream!

  2. That’s beautiful Deborah. I appreciate all the information about the material you used, not that I have any plans to attempt drawing a bird, but still, I like knowing this stuff.

    1. Thank you very much Lynn! Talented it debatable! 🙂 I’ve improvement since my 30’s when I still couldn’t draw much beyond stick figures. Now in my 50’s and a lifetime of trying to draw and paint things are beginning to come together. Perhaps in my 60’s things will really begin to “click”. 🙂 Painting and drawing have been a LONG road for me.

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